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1977 Music Man Stingray genuine black over inca silver SOLD!
Berlin, Germany

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EUR 2600 or the equivalent in GBP which is 2220 today.


This is the most beautiful vintage Stingray I have ever seen. I even liked it better than my 79 inca silver one, so that had to go first last year. I bought this from the first owner. As a professional bass player he used it as his main working horse for many years. He swore he bought it new in a shop in Berlin, and it had always been black. I heard about stories that MM did the same as Fender in the early years, they overpainted bodies. To make sure I asked for help with the guys from Talkbass, please check my thread over there:


A guy named James bought some of the late 70's records that were sold from Leo's office. He was able to confirm that this bass was indeed sold with black finish.

"I will look it up..
B0064XX was always meant to be black, but it had finish issues. It came back twice for finish defects. I am thinking a silver body was rejected from another bass, sent back through and painted black. They didn't pay any attention to keeping bodies with necks. So it just received a freshly black painted body. It appears the new body was attached November 1, 1977.
It could have been a body from another warranty bass. Or a rejected silver that never made it to final assembly, put through paint again. They ended up on fresh builds too. From all the evidence I have the painted bodies inventory was not split into used/refins and brand new fresh. They were all lumped together. This explains why we sometimes see significantly older dates on some builds. A refin went through and went on a new build too."

I especially like the tone and the battered looks on this bass. It shows wear in all the right places, the black finish has beautiful cracks. The first owner moved the strap pin to the heel of the neck, so there´s an extra hole. Apart from that the bass seems to be all original.

The CTS pots are dated 1976. The bass pot was broken and needed to be replaced, I will include the broken pot.

The neck plays fast and comfortable, the trussrod works fine. The frets are about 70%. This bass has one of the nicest necks I ever played. I just don´t have need for an active stingray sound these days, so the bass needs a new home.

The bass weighs in at 4,7kg which is average for a pre-EB Stingray with ash body.

I have currently Fender flatwounds on this bass, so it´s able to produde the exact Bernard Edwards tone!

It comes in it´s original battered case.

I´m not open for trades at the moment... only looking for an old Hofner Club bass.

I´m in Berlin, international shipping is no problem.



























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Hi I know James S. and I confirm he has the original database from MM.

This bass is astonishing

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