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Sire Vintage V7 Ash body maple board immaculate

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Update: open to trade offers that may include a bass wireless system or a lefty telecaster (or other good quality lefty electric guitar) coming my way.

Purchased new in August the is an excellent bass and has been always kept in cases, cleaned well and generally taken good care of. It's in immaculate condition. I am a big fan of these basses but I need to downsize and I recently got a Stingray so it's hard to play anything else! 

The ash body looks great and the maple board gives a snappy, zingy, brittleness to the highs. The lows are nice and deep. Sounds great either passive or active. The low B is decent, no worries there. Has a new set of D'addario super brights on it.

I have the box still so can post at cost via Parcel Force or whichever other service. Not sure on cost yet but will get an estimate.


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Have had to list on eBay and Gumtree now but pls, if you're a BC'er buy through here it's more civilised  

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