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Markbass Classic 104 and Little Mark 3 £500 alltogether.

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Markbass Classic 104. £350.

Owned a good long while now, has been gigged and recorded and practiced with and I love it. However I need to free up some cash monies to buy a whole house. 

Due to size postage is out of the question. If asking price is made I will gladly deliver to anywhere with 100 miles of Nottingham. Open to offers however.

500w 8 ohm. Loud as hell, sounds brilliant, sealed goodness but articulate and none wooly. 27kgs.

Will trade down with cash my way but have something in mind to replace it with already.


Markbass Little Mark 3. £250

Brought new sometime ago don't think it's made in Italy, but having had Italian ones can't tell the difference at all. Been used a lot but everything works, sounds brilliant. Don't want to sell but need the money really. Always travelled in a pelican case but has some scratches on the top.


Will sell both for £500 all in. Fantastic gigging rig, can be quiet and still sound good. Would not sell if I didn't have to, took me ages to find one of these cabs. Will provide the neautrik (so¿) as well. 







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Due to zero interest in open to reasonable offers.

Houses don't buy themselves haha

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Have something else selling hopefully this weekend so will be off sale come next week.


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Would prefer to sell together at this stage so I can replace the whole lot in one go. 

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