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  2. Hi, I have a used J- Retro 01 Deluxe Bass preamp circuit for sale! I am only selling it to pay some bills, otherwise I'd keep it. The circuit is sold with no knobs or control plate so you will need to choose your own, and I have reflected the reduction in the price. It's only £90 including Postage and packing, yes, that it. A bargain really. The J-RETRO 01 DELUXE is designed to fit directly into 'jazz' style deluxe basses, without modification to the instrument in most cases. Its high quality circuit uses three stacked and one single knob. Controls and function include an active blend circuit, 3 band equaliser with bass, variable frequency mid, treble plus bright function, and a passive tone, which functions in both active and passive modes. A very gentle built in contour gives immediate colour without detracting from the basic sound of any bass. The active blend circuit prevents the loss associated with many passive basses where, when both pickups are up full, the signal from one pickup feeds into the other and vice versa. However, a switch is included to allow a passive equal mix of both pickups. A second switch - basic "get-you-out-of-trouble" passive mode is included in case the battery dies in crucial circumstances, and this mode allows some useful settings too. EASY TO FIT, NO ROUTING OR MODS TO MOST J DELUXE STYLE BASSES. It can be used in more standard "jazz" style basses, but the jack will need to be fitted to the side of the bass, as is the case with jazz deluxe style basses. And how does it sound? AWESOME!!!
  3. Purchased by myself earlier this year. Due to me not playing as often or gigging, this has seen very little use indeed. The condition is, as such, completely immaculate. I'm sure if you've got this far, you'll know how good these are, 500w of immense output, in a truly lightweight package. It was £295 but now am only asking £275 for this, and that includes full UK delivery to your door! Only reason for selling, is that I am playing less, that’s the only reason I’m selling it. Payment via PayPal ' please. Please PM with interest, and thanks for looking!
  4. Hi, are you open to offers, and where are you based?
  5. Can I have a better picture of the dint on the left-hand side of the head? I'd like to see the extent of the damage to the amp. Thanks. Is there compression built in the amp?
  6. is this amp still available and are you open to offers? where are you based?
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