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Feedback for Cobretti.....


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Got a deal with this BC member. We agreed about price, shipping and payment method. After closing the deal the ad was put on hold for me. A day later when I expected the payment details, I got a Pm with cancelation instead. Because of a slightly higher bid he got after closing the deal. 

I'm disappointed by this kind of behaviour, and highly dislike it. I don't think I will ever understand this mindset some sellers have. 

This is not a nice feedback, but it's the truth about this seller. 

(in meanwhile I already sold one of my basses at a too low price, to compensate for the purchase quickly. So feel a bit double fckd). 


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I guess I am not cool. Point taken. But I received an offer from someone who was willing to collect the bass in person. 

Part of the deal we had discussed was me paying half of the shipping fee to get the bass to you in the Netherlands. Initially you wanted me to pay all the shipping costs. I also was nervous about shipping an expensive vintage bass. It was more that than the money to be honest.

It's like buying a house...sometimes these things fall through. It's life. Until money has changed hands, I reserve the right to consider all offers. I am sorry that you sold your bass, but that is your decision, and not one I was aware of.

No hard feelings, but stop with this slagging me off in public. You have already sent me two angry messages. Now that is what I consider the definition of NOT COOL to be.


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Off course I didn't respond full of happiness because of this inappropriate selling behaviour. What did you expect🤨? But I only kept and keep to facts. 

We had a little negotiation about the price like is normal, and we BOTH AGREED on a deal soon. You would send me payment details for completion.

So that is were it becomes rude to cancel for a slightly better deal. Just don't agree with a deal when your still busy with other possible buyers, that's just weird. 

If you were anxious about shipping, you should not mention that your willing to ship and should not shake hands on a price + shipping. In your ad you mention that you're happy to ship, and now you say shipping is the real reason of the cancelation... 

This is not slagging, it's just facts. It's my experience with you as a seller. You just don't keep your word. 

I won't discuss about this anymore. All has been said. 

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I wan't busy. Someone contacted me by chance. I thought it was a better scenario all round.

Is an initial deal agreed on Bass Chat somehow legally or morally binding? It's a transaction for a bass guitar, not the 10 commandments.

Dude, re-read this again when you have calmed down. Think about what you have gained by taking me down in public. NOTHING.

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