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Marleaux Betta fretless

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I’m selling my marleaux Betra lined fretless.

it’s one of the first marleaux Betra produced around 1990, according to Marleaux himself.

mahogany body with maple top and ebony fretboard.

It has PJ Bartolini pickups and passive electronics.

I sell it just because I don’t play fretless no more.

It comes with OHSC








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The inevitable "Where are you based?" question.

I think this question has appeared in both "Daily Annoyances" and "I don't understand.."

Nice bass BTW.

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    • By Gardenerben
      Got this fretless Squire P Bass to experiment with and see how I'd get on with fretless, It's a good instrument for this purpose. Time to let someone else have a try, priced + shipping and fees, no case but original box supplied, collection or meet up also possible.
      Purchased on here from the below thread still in the excellent condition I received it as its not left the house! Better pics in the original thread.

      My Feedback
    • By will4bass
      This Jaco Custom Shop bass was bought new in 2008 when visiting New York. It never got used after all so I am selling it. It might be a bit awkward to say about a relic bass but it is like new really. The bass hasn't been out of the case (OHSC) since 2008 and it still smells like a new one. You know that smell: better than any after shave or perfume! 😉 The bass played perfect right away after so many years in the case. I exchanged the original roundwound strings with Thomastik flatwounds (I did keep the original strings that are still like new too) and did some personal tweaking with string and pick up height. Due to the lower tension of the Thomastiks I also adjusted the trussrod a bit so I can say it works perfectly fine. Somehow this CS Jaco feels and plays like a bass that I have been playing for many years. However, I'm not a Jaco or even a fretless player really... so.... I really enjoyed having this bass in my hands a short bit...I made these pics and put it back in the case for it to comfortably wait for the right person to give it the right overdose of playing & caring. Is it you?


    • By TomRandles97
      For sale is my Vox standard 24, that's been defretted. Set up very recently with Ernie Ball Cobalt flats (sounds like rounds, feels like flats). Condition is good considering it is 39 years old but do be aware that there are dings and dents here and there. 
      Only selling as I need funds to cover an unexpected bill and repairs for a broken headstock 
      Based in Leeds, collection preffered
    • By manudepaz
      Selling my Obsession Legend VI fretless, very good condition (9/10),  case included.
      No trades, please.
      - 6 string
      - Scale     35"
      - Fretless with 36 fret positions
      - Body: mahogany/maple
      - Construction: bolton neck
      - Neck: maple
      - Fretboard: Ebony
      - Nut: Ebony
      - Bridge: Jerzy Drozd propietary bridge and tailpiece, string spacing is not adjustable
      - Piezo: RMC
      - Hardware color Gold
      - Pickups: Jerzy Drozd split single coil type pickup + RMC pickups at bridge
      - Electronics: Aguilar OBP-3 active preamp - 3 band
      - Controls: Volume, Balance, Treble, Middle, Bass, Passive tone, Active/pasive switch
      - Knobs: Wooden dome knobs, 18mm diameter
      - Body finish: Poliurethane/ Acrilic satin finish
      - Neck finish: Poliurethane/ Acrilic satin finish

    • By lawriemacmillan
      Stunning singlecut bass made in the Fodera workshop in Brooklyn, NYC.
      2009 build.
      Buckeye top. Walnut body. Ebony fingerboard.
      Fodera/Duncan singlecoil pickups with buckeye covers and matching ramp.
      Extended B string.
      26 'frets'.
      34" scale.
      19mm string spacing at the bridge.
      48m nut width.
      Fodera premium padded gig bag.
      Excellent overall condition. Some minor surface bumps which are unnoticeable unless closely inspected.
      3 band EQ with selectable mid requency selector and coil tap switches.
      I am not looking to trade, thank you.
      The bass is now residing in The Bass Gallery, in Camden, London where it can be viewed and played. They have suggested finance options for paying in installments too.


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