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Steve Harris Bass pickups


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Hi all

i have just got hold of a great condition Steve Harris P, I have 2 other USA standard Precision’s, which are fitted with the custom shop pickups.

with the same volume and amp settings, they sound a fair bit louder than the Steve Harris bass,  I’m assuming the difference is the power and quality of the pickups.

can anyone confirm this ?

i will fit custom shop ones if needed.

thanks for any advice.

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Don't assume that a quiet pickup is a poor pickup :) Some pickups are overwound to get the mid range louder so the pickup on the whole will be perceived as having a greater output. For a vintage vibe, AlNiCo 3 pickups will have a much lower output but a sweeter tone. I think that the SBP-2 has a lower output than the SPB-3, but the latter has a more scooped sound in the mid range (Would need to be corrected there) - Steve has used both in his signature basses but the SPB-2 is his current model.. again would need confirmation there.

Trust your ears and if you need more level, use the gain control on your amp :) 

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The current Steve Harris bass has a SPB-4 Steve Harris signature pickup in it. The previous blue model originally had a SPB-1 in it, but I think that was then changed to SPB-4 also. There was also a previous model "signature" model that had a SPB-3 in it, with an Eddie on the head stock, but this wasn't a real signature. Steve Harris used SPB-1 in the past, but I think he uses SPB-4's now. As far as I know he's never used the SPB-3.

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My Steve Harris bass had it's original spb1 replaced with spb4. I fitted the spb1 in another bass but it didn't sound as good as the stock pup.

The spb4 has significantly higher and noticeable output....

spb1 sounds nearer to classic p bass sound.....at least to ny ears

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