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  1. I must say, it’s sounds really good, just lower in volume to the USA ones. Thanks for the advice guys, I think I will keep the stock pups 👍
  2. Hi all i have just got hold of a great condition Steve Harris P, I have 2 other USA standard Precision’s, which are fitted with the custom shop pickups. with the same volume and amp settings, they sound a fair bit louder than the Steve Harris bass, I’m assuming the difference is the power and quality of the pickups. can anyone confirm this ? i will fit custom shop ones if needed. thanks for any advice.
  3. I didnt start playing bass until i was 48, i played a bit if fingerstyle acoustic. I started it because it was something i always wanted to do, i played live after just turning 51 in a 4 piece pop covers band. After the first rehearsal the lead guitarist and drummer were unsure due to the fact i had never been in a band environment but the rhythm player/singer stuck up for me and i was in, one of the best experiences of my life. i went on after that to another band which didnt last long and now im in a classic band playing with very experienced musicians and my first 3 piece, done 50 gigs with them and got 23 going into next year. The point being, i worked very hard to up my level and the better musicians noticed that and took the time with me to build on it. I would always help lesser musicians if i could, as long as they wanted it. If they are all decent guys who put effort in, why not give it a go and keep your eyes open, it could be you thats gives some of them a break.
  4. Definitely agree with Wunjo, I have had good advice from them and found them great to deal with.
  5. Just wanted to give a bit of posoitive feedback for Fryer. I bought a Glockenlang Quattro 4x10 from him, really nice guy to deal with and a great cab aswell. Thanks Fryer.
  6. Just got a oly White P from Richard Went as sweet as a nut, really nice fella to deal with, bass is absolute mint and I'm very happy. Thanks again Rich Andy
  7. Got the Tobacco burst 1024, had it from new and gigged it for 4 years, moved to a precision now as it suits the classic rock stuff im doing at the mo. excellent build quality and great basses, not got a fiver myself yet ? GLWTS
  8. Beautiful, i have been looking at the blue flower model on here aswell, but this looks mint. excuse any daft questions but how old is it and whats the weight ? i have a newish USA Precision and its lighter than my yamaha's Thanks
  9. Hi everyone. I am relatively new to bass, (18 months) i'm reading notation and tab so can work things out. However i am in a band at the moment, doing americana, country, folk and a lot of it is'nt out there. Has anyone got the bassline for dear avery, the decemberists ? or know if i can find it, i have looked everywhere online. I did work out rise to me, it took me ages, then i found it here by ojplaysbass. i am learning a lot of stuff from chord sheets and could do with some advice. Thanks a lot Raynards.
  10. Hi there. Just wondered if anyone knows where i can get hold of the 'Rise to me' sheet music or bass tab. i've looked over the net, it does'nt seem to exist. i know i will have to learn it by ear if not. Thanks everyone Raynard
  11. Hi all. Can you advise me on a decent pair of practice headphones. I have a pair of KOSS PRO 4AA, the right side has broken down twice (cable issue) i have repaired them. They also have the shiny black plastic ear cushions, which get warm quick, uncomfortable and sweaty. Are these the right sort ? great for mp3, not so for practice. I got them from Amazon via independent seller, thats why i repaired them after trying to 'contact seller' Any advice from you guys would be appreciated. Thanks Raynards
  12. raynards


    Hi everyone. i'm a late starter on the Bass(50 next month) been playing/practising (on own) about 16 months. squire j bass/roland cube 30w. i have put flats on and have got used to them now, did find them 'sticky ish' at first looking now for a new/used bass, dunn/jamerson/babbit sound is what i like, so have been looking at/thinking Pbass Any advice/tips from you folks would be gratefully recieved on Bass and amp. Have'nt played live yet, but have learnt about 35 songs to date mainly 60's soul all to recordings. although quite daunted by the prospect, i think i need to play play live, again advice/tips very much welcomed Still plugging away at it and absolutely love it. Thanks.
  13. Hi all Newbie here, last post did'nt make it, hopefully this one will. I am almost 50 and took up the bass about 16months ago after self taught fingerstyle acoustic for about 2 years, which i still do. I have always wanted to play bass, but work, commitments blah blah. Anyway, my main influence is Stax volt/Motown, Dunn,Jamerson,Babbit etc I have sang live but never played live, i've learnt about 35 songs from classics, Midnight hour, Mustang sally,Twenty flight rock etc . Also a mix of stuff, Born to run, signed sealed delivered etc. Actually quite a bit from Duck Dunn's book. The problem is i'm working through songs on my own and then having to go back over them again, all recordings, no live experience. I don't have an expensive set up, Squire j bass and a roland 30w practice amp. This milestone year i will be trading up tho. What i am looking for are others players who are in the same position and want to try out some stuff and see where it goes, or a band thats getting ready to gig (dependant on ability) i mean mine btw. I am a bit nervous about doing so, but will never know unless i give it a go. I work shifts so practice time is often ok. So if there is anyone who likes the sound of that please get in touch. Thanks for reading. Raynards
  14. [quote name='fryer' post='973388' date='Oct 1 2010, 12:31 AM']BV's ? R[/quote] Hi Darren Firstly i know this is a long shot and miles too late, but if you or you know of any other folk in a similar position. Could you email me, coz its exactly what i'm looking for.
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