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SOLD For sale or trade:Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass 2010 EMG Hipshot £750

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Price dropped to £750 and no lower!

Another bass that has sat in the cupboard for far too long unplayed. At a gig last night, I realised that the two basses I had with me were all I'd used in anger for ages and all I would ever need. (Until the dreaded GAS rears it's ugly head again)

Any road up, here is my 2010 Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass in Crimson transparent. I got fed up of the N3 pickups and fitted EMG PJ pickups and a BTS four knob control system. The Scratchplate has been replaced with a mint green one but I can chuck in the original black one (a bit battered) if you like. The bass is fitted with the appropriate Hipshot DTuner and is in overall excellent condition. the only damage is a small gouge on the end of the headstock, a few plectrum scratches on the body on the upper boutand a little scuffing below the controls on the lower edge.


The case  has most of the bits in it and is in very good condition.

It's a beauty but it never gets played and I'm fast running out of space under the stairs.

I am based in Leics but get around the country a lot with work so a meet could be possible.

Let the pictures tell you more!


Not really interested in trades. Try me if it's a guitar (not modern or even remotely pointy)






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Price drop
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This is a LOT of bass for the price. I have one of these from 2010 also, and it’s just incredible. The easiest playing bass I’ve ever owned. £1400 new even back then, plus your upgrades. GLWTS.

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Could I ask why you replaced the N3 pickups with the EMGs. Also, would posting be possible ? Thanks

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I was fed up of getting buzz and hum from the bridge pick up. Everything was earthed and all cavities screened with copper foil and graphite paint. However some venues must have had a rogue beer cooler in the cellar or something because I couldn't get rid of interference. the neck pick up was quiet as a mouse, frustratingly! The EMG pickups are, as always, free from any nasties and sound (to my ears) the business. 

I could post, probably UPS as I've had no bother with them, not sure how much that would be but I can make enquiries.



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Just remembered the other reason, the pan pot on the original Fender electronics was very crude. It was effectively a three way switch, the EMG allows neck with just a touch of bridge for example, the original was one or the other or both.

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    • By bassintheface
      Hello all!
      This is a feeler for the sale my awesome condition 1973 / 74 Fender Jazz bass in Sunburst.
      Its RW board, block inlays and bound.
      Photos are here in my photobucket album - 
      http://s1341.photobucket.com/user/bassintheface/library/Fender Jazz Bass 1973 - 1974
      It's in really excellent condition with only a couple of minor chips which I've tried to clearly show on the pics.
      The serial number on the neck plate is 509063 which is 1973 / 1974 which puts it as one of the last 4 bolt neck versions out of Fullerton before they went to the bullet truss rod and 3 bolt neck in 1974 / 75.
      The CTS pot codes date the bass to 5th Week 1974 - Jan / Feb (1377405) so the feedback on the age was that it was likely put together very late 1973 or very early 1974 - as you know with Fender around this time, its a combination of date stamps that help you get an age of an instrument.
      It comes with a generic hardcase and re issue versions of the pickup cover and ashtray from a USA 70's reissue.
      I will get neck end photos and pickup photos - from memory, you can only see a stamp on the bridge pickup now since the rewind of the neck pick up - its 5 years or so since Matt had it open, so will check  his photos and hopefully  add to the photobucket album above - if not, I'll have to get it opened up.
      I bought it from a friend around 5 or 6 years ago and the story was (note that this is completely unsubstantiated) that it belonged to Andy Scott of the Sweet and was used for recording /demos and never gigged, hence the condition. I really don't know if this is true and no one will ever know, but Andy Scott is from my hometown of Wrexham so it is plausible.
      The bass had been unplayed for a number of years prior to my purchase and upon getting it, the neck pickup didn't work and the elecs were intermittent and crackly.
      I swiftly sent it over to the very excellent Matthew John Bascetta in Chester - http://www.mjbluthier.co.uk/
      for a full clean, pro set up and a rewind of the neck pick up - Matt is also the guy behind the excellent 'House of Tone' pickups - https://www.houseoftonepickups.com/
      and he did a full rewind using period correct wire and hand winding, inc wax potting - you can see him at work below.
      It now plays beautifully and sounds, IMO awesome!  
      Feel free to ask any questions - I'd just appreciate PM's with an expression of interest initially as I really don't want to sell it being honest, but it lives at home (non smoking household) and  don't gig it our of fear of damaging it.
      You won't find many in this condition.
      No trades, viewing welcome.
      Cash on collection or bacs.
      I don't want to post this out of fear of it being damaged! 
    • By binkybongo
      Gorgeous 10 year old bass, nitro paint work. Classic Jazz - resonant alder body, wide tonal range, plays beautifully - exactly as you'ld expect from Fender’s Finest.
      Couple of dings as shown, some fine scratches which are are very hard to photograph
      Weighs just less than 9libs on my kitchen scales, comes with certificate and case candy, original Fender strap lugs,
      (missing tug bar screws, I have the ash tray screws)
      Sale only please.

    • By waveydavy
      For sale set of 5 gotoh resolite tuners. Lightest version of the gotoh gb7 style heads. Gold, excellent condition. 3l, 2r,( or 3 bass side, 2 treble side as on Spector and Warwick 5strings)
      These are not a direct replacement for schaller m4, 14mm hole required
      link to spec- http://g-gotoh.com/international/product/gb350.html
      the lighted weight bass tuners available 

    • By mxm
      1978 Fender Jazz Bass.

      Very good condition, includes original bridge cover, original scratch plate and screws, has had input jack replaced but will include original part.  
      Case for illustrative purposes.

      Genuine reason for sale as I've got 2 other Jazz basses (MIM/CS) and it's a shame that this gets used least, so I'm being sensible.
      I'll be sad to see it go but I'd like someone else to get some use out of it.

      Has recently been set-up and restrung by KGB in Birkenhead.

      No rush to sell, looking for offers in the region of £2000 - you are welcome to try it in person, I'm local to Chester/M56.
      Not really looking for PX, but never say never.

      Can supply further pics and info on request.
    • By ivok80
      Selling my Fender 60s Jazz Bass (Olympic White, Rosewood Neck). It's a great sounding bass with an authentic road worn look and in overall great condition! My collection is getting out of hand.. therefore i'm selling.
      Classic Fender Jazz bass with timeless design elements. Off-set waist body, ultra-slim, fast-action neck and full-range Bi-Pole pickups. Many of the period-correct details that made the original Jazz basses so cool are spot-on replicated in this classic vintage-vibe beauty - especially the original offset waist, ultra-slim neck, and pair of vintage-style Alnico magnet Jazz Bass single-coil pickups.
      One small dink on the neck (see pics) which doesn't effect playability. I removed the pick guard (I like the look without), which you can have with the bass.
      Based in NW London, happy to ship UK wide for extra cash.
      Fender® 60s Jazz Bass Features:
          •    Model Name 60s Jazz Bass, Rosewood Fingerboard, Olympic White
          •    Series Classic
          •    Color Olympic White
          •    Body Alder
          •    Body Finish Polyester
          •    Body Shape Jazz Bass
          •    Neck Material Maple
          •    Neck Finish Gloss Urethane
          •    Neck Shape "C" Shape
          •    Scale Length 34" (864 mm)
          •    Fingerboard Pau Ferro
          •    Fingerboard Radius 7.25" (184.1 mm)
          •    Number of Frets 20
          •    Frets Size Vintage-Style
          •    String Nut Synthetic Bone
          •    Nut Width 1.5" (38.1 mm)
          •    Position Inlays Pearloid Dots
          •    Truss Rods Vintage-Style Butt Adjust
          •    Bridge Pickup Standard Vintage Alnico Magnet Single-Coil Jazz Bass
          •    Neck Pickup Standard Vintage Alnico Magnet Single-Coil Jazz Bass
          •    Controls:
          ◦    Volume 1. (Middle
          ◦    Pickup)
          ◦    Volume 2. (Bridge Pickup)
          ◦    Master Tone
          •    Pickup Configuration SS
          •    Bridge 4-Saddle American Vintage Bass
          •    Hardware Finish Nickel/Chrome
          •    Tuning Machines American Vintage Reverse Open-Gear Bass
          •    Pickguard 4-Ply Tortoiseshell
          •    Control Knobs Black Plastic
          •    Dimensions 4.5x15.1x47.3 IN
      Thank you!

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