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1978 Fender Jazz Bass

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1978 Fender Jazz Bass.


Very good condition, includes original bridge cover, original scratch plate and screws, has had input jack replaced but will include original part.  
Case for illustrative purposes.

Genuine reason for sale as I've got 2 other Jazz basses (MIM/CS) and it's a shame that this gets used least, so I'm being sensible.
I'll be sad to see it go but I'd like someone else to get some use out of it.

Has recently been set-up and restrung by KGB in Birkenhead.

No rush to sell, looking for offers in the region of £2000 - you are welcome to try it in person, I'm local to Chester/M56.
Not really looking for PX, but never say never.

Can supply further pics and info on request.

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Oh my. That’s my favourite look for a jazz bass; 3TSB with no pickguard and an all-maple neck with white block inlays.

Going for a lie down 🤪

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    • By Jenny_Innie
      For sale: My Fender USA Standard Telecaster in Black with maple neck. It's a 2014 model - the one with the belly cut and the Custom Shop pickups (Broadcaster in the bridge and Twisted Tele in the neck). Sounds awesome. 

      Looking for £750 for a straight sale. Price includes courier to anywhere in the UK. 

      I've hardly played this, as I'm a bass player really, and I have a Custom Shop Tele made a couple of years ago, so it's in perfect condition. Immaculate. 

      Recent pro set up and new strings on board. 

      Comes with hard case. It's got a genuine Fender replacement pickguard on - but I'll also include the original white one. 

      I'm after an EOB Stratocaster - so would consider a straight trade for one of those. May also consider a trade for an offset Telecaster.

    • By Meddle
      So... I made this pickguard! I ordered a white pearloid pickguard for my PJ Mustang, but it took about four weeks to arrive. In the interim I made my own pickguard from a white pearloid blank, using hand tools all the way.

      I produced the bevel by mounting a Stanley blade at 45 degrees and running it around the edge of the pickguard, a little at a time. I coloured the edge in with a permanent marker, and stopped scraping once all the ink was removed and the black layer was an even width.

      I hand cut/dug the counter-sinking for each pickguard screw:

      The pickup route was the trickiest bit.
      In place on my Mustang bass, and it fits:

      Alas my WD Music has shown up, so I don't need this. For half the cost of the WD pickguard you can have my DIY creation!
      My only caveat is that to fit it to my Mustang I had to loosen off the pickups and then re-seat them in the bass. Not sure why, but the pickups mount with two screws per pickup half, and they sit on black foam. Therefore they have a bit of travel to them.
      Postage would be about £2 from Edinburgh, or you can collect/meet up if you live here!


    • By lastanthem88
      I'm considering selling this bad boy as I need the cash injection...It's a 2015 road worn P bass in sunburst, which I bought second hand from BC member FinnDave for £850.00 a few months back, which I've had modified as following:
      - P bass pick ups replaced with Di Marzio model P cream 
      - J bass Di Marzio DP148 cream pick up added 
      - Fender tort scratchplate taylor made, correct amount of screw holes etc
      - Fender plastic tug bar added
      - Schaller straplocks added, original strap buttons will be included in the sale.
      Also included in the sale will be the original anodized gold scratch plate and road worn vintage pick ups. The upgrades alone are worth about £150.00, and obviously the gold pick guard and original pick ups add to the value... all modifications made to the highest standard by Howard the Bass Doc from Newcastle who is well known on these forums I believe.
      the two pictures are a before and after, if anyone needs anymore I'll happily take some. Would send if I absolutely have too but would much rather have it collected, or meet half way etc, anyone is welcome to come and try this out at my house in Middlesbrough if they want to try before they buy.

    • By will4bass
      Excellent condition, plays like butter, sounds like a Jazzbass from the 60's. Comes with OHSC and goodies.
      Hardly played. Fantastic condition. If you like heavy relic stuff: beat it up by yourself! 
      What else can I say about this bass? GAS-breaker: this might be all the jazzbass you
      will ever need...