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1978 Fender Jazz Bass

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1978 Fender Jazz Bass.


Very good condition, includes original bridge cover, original scratch plate and screws, has had input jack replaced but will include original part.  
Case for illustrative purposes.

Genuine reason for sale as I've got 2 other Jazz basses (MIM/CS) and it's a shame that this gets used least, so I'm being sensible.
I'll be sad to see it go but I'd like someone else to get some use out of it.

Has recently been set-up and restrung by KGB in Birkenhead.

No rush to sell, looking for offers in the region of £2000 - you are welcome to try it in person, I'm local to Chester/M56.
Not really looking for PX, but never say never.

Can supply further pics and info on request.

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Oh my. That’s my favourite look for a jazz bass; 3TSB with no pickguard and an all-maple neck with white block inlays.

Going for a lie down 🤪

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You’re too kind !

2 hours ago, Hotdogs4tea said:

Very nice :) 


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Still available - open to offers or mad trades, would love an Alembic Stanley...or an Ampeg V4.

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Another ‘still available’ type post.

Sadly, this isn’t going to get a look in for the foreseeable future as I’ve just bought something American, angular and stupid - so I need cash !

More pics and info available etc. - open to offers .

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    • By chriswilliams666
      Hi Guys, 
      I have for sale a first year (2007) model Duff McKagan Signature bass by Fender. 
      I worked for a Fender retailer at the time, had this on pre-order for what seemed like forever and got this on the first UK shipment. Early 2008 I met Duff at a signing at GAK before his show with Velvet Revolver at the Brighton Centre. It is signed in silver sharpie on the back of the headstock. 
      The spec is as per the fender site (https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/electric-basses/precision-bass/duff-mckagan-precision-bass/0146500323.html?rl=en_US) with the addition of a pickup upgrade in that the P-bass pickup is either a Seymour Duncan SPB-1 or Fender '62 Custom Shop (i can't remember, Duff used both and I tried both), the wiring was replaced with CTS pots when it needed and Dunlop Strap locks. 
      Duff is and was my idol, so I have cherished this bass at the same time as enjoying playing it live, so it isn't perfect. However it is in 9/10 condition with very minor wear. I can provide better pictures.
      I am open to sensible offers, as I am not sure how to price this. Given that this is first year, signed by the man it could be worth something in the future. Maybe not...
      I am near Arundel in West Sussex. 


    • By chrisaxe
      PRICE DROP - NOW £750
      Hi everyone,
      For tentative sale is my lovely 2016 Fender American Standard Precision Bass. This has been my main bass since I bought it new a couple of years ago. I've used it countless times in the studio and it has toured with me all over Europe. It's a great bass with a lot of mojo, and strung with LaBella flats it has that old school P-Bass tone in spades. This is one of the last American Standard Precisions made before Fender changed to the American Pro series, and features a really great sounding Custom Shop 60's pickup.
      As you can see by the photos, it has a few chips and dents in the body. None of these affect the playability in any way - they are purely cosmetic. I have tried to accurately capture these in the photos but I am happy to take some more if required. I have replaced the bridge with a slightly different Fender high mass bridge to stock, but I have included the original bridge if you would like to swap it back. Both bridges allow for you to string through the body, which is pretty cool. I have also replaced the pots and input jack as the originals were getting pretty crackly. I used the pots from this upgrade kit, but the capacitor was not replaced and is still stock - https://www.charlesguitars.co.uk/parts-shop/jazz-bass-and-p-bass/premium-vintage-precision-bass-ae-electronics-upgrade-kit . The bass sounds great, these pots are a really good upgrade to the crackly originals and have worked beautifully since.
      I also added the old school chrome bridge and pickup covers. These are not currently fitted to the bass but are included in the sale. I think they look great!
      That's about it... neck is straight, truss rod works fine. Nice low action. Just a really solid bass which sounds great, looks great and plays brilliantly.
      I will include the original hardcase and tools (truss rod and bridge alan keys etc) along with the paperwork which came with the bass.
      I am happy to ship worldwide at buyers expense.
      I'll include some links to videos and recordings below. Any questions just drop me a message!

    • By Pietro Razzino
      El. bass G & L 2000 L 4 strings - year 1981
      It is the instrument that Leo Fender defined the best bass he designed.
      Neck and fingerboard in one body of maple.
      Humbuckers pick-ups with double poles adjustable in height and polarity for better versatility.
      Active and passive electronics with Volume, High and Low cut filters.
      Pick-up selector
      Signal selector in phase and out of phase
      Passive / active / active selector + treble boost
      in perfect condition.
      complete with rigid case
      very low action
      Fantastic !!!

    • By ash
      This is a 1982 Fender JV Squier ‘57 style  Precision Bass made in Japan and one of the first produced with the large Squier logo. It’s a beautiful bass, all original and comes with original tatty case - minus the handle!
      The bass has all the hallmarks of the early Squiers - pencilled date on neck end near the trussrod and reverse tuners, cloth wiring and pickup with raised pole pieces under the A string. It has a few marks and dings but nothing structural, the neck is straight and it plays well with a low action. It weighs around 9lbs and is well balanced. These early Squiers are highly sought after as they are so well constructed and becoming vintage in their own right. 
      I’d prefer pickup but can post in the uk only at buyers expense. No trades sorry thanks for looking.
      I think given the originality and condition the price is fair on this so please don’t expect me to accept lowball offers. I am always open to negotiate a little however if you look at JV prices here and elsewhere you will see that this is a very good price for a fantastic bass! Cheers. 

    • By Eerosmith
      Price drop: 2100€ / 1900GBD With shipping
      This is a beautiful surf green P-bass with all the original accessories included. I've swapped the pickup to a Fender Pure vintage '63 pickup. Still got the original.
      Beautiful wide-grain quartersawn neck.
      Strung with LaBella Jamerson strings.
      Few dings but otherwise great condition. Bought this bass second hand from ebay from the original owner who ordered the bass.
      Bass is in Helsinki, Finland.
      Thanks for looking!