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Tubescreamer, MXR Phase 90, Boss DS1

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Lots of pedals here. Let's see how it goes in one thread! most of these have or have had velco applied to the bottom and are in very good condition.

prices include UK delivery. No trades. Each pedal goes to the first person to cough up the dosh.


Ibanez Tube Screamer - never used. £80

MXR Phase 90 Script (with LED) £80

Boss DS1 £30

Boss LS2 £50 SOLD

EHX Bass Big Muff (few minor scratches)  £35 SOLD

TC Electronic Flashback Delay £75 SOLD

EHX POG2 - never used.  £200 SOLD

Darkglass B3K Finnish made. £120 SOLD

TC Electronic Spectracomp £60  SOLD

TC Electronic Corona Chorus £60 SOLD

Boss Blues Driver - never used.£50  SOLD












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    • By jbu09
      just wondered if anyone has experience with my small issue..
      i recently built a sizable pedal board with two power bricks and a Buzz electronics 12 ch looper. I ordered the looper with 4 loops after the pre amp allowing me to run my modulations effects (including the MXR) through the effects loop of the amp.. happy days
      Since i did this, the MXR phase 90 has lost quite a bit of volume (was always great, if anything giving a little boost before).. Any one have any insight here as to why?
    • By Marky Screen
      Brand new in box.
      Only got it out in the studio to try it a while ago and then has been sat on a shelf since my HX stomp arrived.
      Ultimate tube screamer based overdrive pedal.
      4 modes (vintage/lead/rhythm/high gain)
      Clean blend
      Sound great on bass and guitar.
      Pics to follow

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      Looking for relative inexpensive pedal
    • By Marky Screen
      Phase 90
      Has a couple of paint chips but otherwise in good order with box.
      Price includes UK delivery.

    • By radiophonic
      So basically I've run out of pedal board and I have Phase 90 perched precariously on the back. Question is whether a more compact pedal could do the job and the 95 seems like the obvious place to start. The important thing to add is that I only use it for one very specific type of sound: Rate set to a very low sweep to add a bit of movement.  I don't go for that watery warble effect and I specifically got a P90 in preference to the 4 stage sound on a Boss. It's that sound. How close can I get and is the 95 the way to do it? Opinions appreciated.
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