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Gibson G3 SOLD

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Having recently acquired a Sandberg VM5 I can't afford in an effort to reconcile my gear I'm having to let go of a couple of other basses to get my money back.

So here we have a lovely 42 year old (birthday October 23 1975) Gibson G3. Possibly the coolest looking basses in existence in my opinion, but for my 4 string needs was always losing out to my Jazz. It's a player's bass so it's a shame for it to spend most of it's life hanging on a wall apart from the occasional noodle at home. Pretty nice and light, at least lighter than the Jazz bass and sounds ace especially played with a pick. I've got the bridge cover + screws somewhere too I'll dig them out and add them to the photos.

Now for the slightly bad side it has a very slight twist in the neck which I believe a lot of these basses suffer from, but doesn't affect the playability whatsoever and I haven't noticed it at all when actually playing it. I've tried to photograph it but if that photo doesn't suffice let me know and I will try to get a better one.

Weighs about 8lb

Any trials welcome, I'm on the Wirral, and postage is an option as I've kept hold of the box my Sandberg came in from Thomann.

Any questions let me know - photos here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qnJXmEDd0CootsTFyQBIZT_c0qxMYGjM




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