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Dean 6 Fret, Price Drop £80

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I am selling this Dean 6-string fretted bass as I've only played 4-string for many years now.  It is in decent shape and has not been played that much, although it has some ugly modifications...which are:

The circle cutout in the back of the bass contains lead pellets and epoxy resin.  This was done to make the bass balance better as the body is very light.

I added a strap attachment point as shown.  It makes the bass lean forward and means less angle for the left hand to try and reach around; probably not for everyone.

The cutout between the pickups is so that strings can be muted with the thumb under the strings, which is a method I've always preferred.


Electronics and pickups are unmodified.  Cash and collection only from North London please.  I have a little guitar amp for testing purposes.  Can also provide a gig bag which is in bad shape but will let you take it home safely.  Strap included.  This bass was purchased new for about £400.







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Pretty much yes.  I have done the same thing to my 4-string music man, with the exception that the body is heavy enough to not need any more weight to balance ok.

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Sorry can I just clarify...

Is that lighter part between the pickups, a chunk of wood carved out of the body?

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And a hole in the back with some lead shot glued into it..... to make the bass balance better?

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    • By electricbass
      Here we have a Paulman custom J6 handmade one off 6 string Jazz style bass, made by the late great Paul Mcnab of Huddesfield.
      Custom handmade bass
      Ash body / Flame maple carved top
      Birds eye maple neck
      Ebony fingerboard with custom inlays
      Bone nut
      Schaller hardware (bridge and machine-heads)
      Delano SB pickups
      ACG - EQ2 filter based preamp with passive control (similar to Alembic filter preamp)
      Weight 12lb

      Originally made as a 5 string, the bass has been professionally converted to a 6 as the neck width and general vibe of the bass allowed it to be so, in fact it asked for it to be so! It has made it into an awesome J6 tbh!  
      It's a bit heavy for long gigs at around 12lb but if that is not a major concern for you, read on...

      Originally purchased from Bass Direct a couple of years ago this bass would suit a 6 player who likes a more narrow string spacing, it's 15 - 16mm. It has loads of tone as you'd expect from a huge lump of wood and a filter based preamp and also has a nice bright acoustic tone too.
      I'm selling up as I'm packing up playing live due to a long term shoulder injury and I only really need one bass.
      Nice Eden Metro 2x10 combo for sale here too.
      I also have three other handmade custom type basses for sale on here at the links below, (links to follow), all four basses are offered up here on BC at £750 each, which I think is very low money for what they really are. It would be easy to find far lesser basses than these at much more money online.
      I'm based near Biggleswade, Beds BTW and would prefer collection as it can be viewed in the flesh then too.
      £750, cash on collection. (Including Hiscox hard case)

    • By bigsmokebass
      Hey guys and girls, 
      Up for grabs is a Short Scale, Gibson 2014 (120th anniversary model) SG Bass in Fireburst satin finish. 
      unfortunately I’ve been stung with a large unsuspecting bill and having to clear out my gear to fund it. Inc my new Ashdown Original amp head for Christmas. I could cry! 
      Overall condition is great, considering the satin finish I can’t appear to find any marks. Same goes for the hardcase too. 
      Gibson site specs: >>>Click Here <<<

      £550 cash or £650 trade value 
      Paypal, bank transfer and cash on collection accepted.
      Trades accepted but with cash my way. Price non negotiable 
      Next day delivery included. 
    • By Bloc Riff Nut
      After about 3hrs of rehearsal it started to distort.  Really heavy distortion. 
      The amp was set to 8ohms and I was playing it through my new barefaced 210 which i thought I'd switched to 12 ohms but after further investigation it was in the 4 ohm setting. 
      What have I broken and is it beyond repair. 
      I'm devastated.  It was my favourite of all the amps I've ever played and I've been told(I have no idea myself) it's an original 1969.
      I'm grateful for any insight you guys can give. 
    • By TAzMilitello
      FOR SALE 'cause instruments excess this wonderful and all original 1986 Fender Jazz Bass Special "PJ-555" by Japan production + HIPSTOT DETUNER.
      PRICE DROPPED TO 1000€ (Euros) = about 900£ (GBP), my last price, shipping excluded! I am very struggling to give it away... I prefer NO trades, thanks!
      Famous bass model used by Duff McKagan on Guns'n Roses. Here in a awesome slightly glittered military green finished body!
      It have also original tuners and an Hipshot BT-2 De-tuner (same model of original one, also difficult to find).

      Foreign Currency: about payments different from the Euros currency you can pay by clicking using this ►Transferwise bank transfer◄ link.

      Photo of bass here  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byfck43M-h2wS0pPV25ENTRnVTA

      Jazz bass shape maple neck with gloss black finish and rosewood fretboard.
      34" scale, alder Precision Bass shape body.
      Original 6 mm pole PJ pickups and passive electronics (neck PU volume, bridge PU volume, tone and TBX control with 3 way switch).
      Frets, wiring and all parts have been controlled by a specialized luthier.

      Really wonderfully resonant woods, fully functional, it has no problems, great conditions for a 1986 bass! The conditions are really good for the many years of work! It has also the original 5 holes bolt on plate (4 screws and 1 neck adjustment hole) and a Fender branded plate one. Very balanced, clear and defined tone, great sound, slim neck! It come with a padded gigbag and 0.45-1.05 D'Addario stainless steel strings.

      Bass is located in Italy (Sicily). No problems for international fast shipping (following prices including anti shock packaging):
      To Italy: 30€ (1/2 working days)
      To Ireland/Great Britain: 60€ (4/5 working days)
      To Germany and Austria: 45€ (3/4 working days)
      To Spain: 60€ (4/5 working days)
      To France: 65€ (4/5 working days)
      To Lithuania: 75€ (4/5 working days)
      To Romania: 80€ (4/5 working days)
      To Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands: 65€ (3/4 working days)
      To Czech Republic (CZ): 70€ (4/5 working days)
      To USA and Canada: 110€ (6/8 working days)

    • By knoxy26
      I was just wondering about whether the heat coming off of a lamp with a halogen bulb would be enough to warp a neck?
      I have moved to a new flat and I have limited space to but my basses.
      I have my bass hanging on the wall but there is a lamp underneath it (technically a few inches in from of it but shining from underneath) 
      I don't particularly want to move everything around in the room and I am not allowed to drill more holes in the wall. 
      But would the heat from the bulb be enough to warp the neck or cause damage?
      Clearly, it is not like a radiator but is a minor heat source none the less.
      But as I said, I like where it is positioned and I like the light shining on my bass so would prefer not to move it. See pics below.
      Many thanks 
      Also.... don't worry, the radiator in the pics is turned off.