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Dean 6 Fret, Price Drop £60

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I am selling this Dean 6-string fretted bass as I've only played 4-string for many years now.  It is in decent shape and has not been played that much, although it has some ugly modifications...which are:

The circle cutout in the back of the bass contains lead pellets and epoxy resin.  This was done to make the bass balance better as the body is very light.

I added a strap attachment point as shown.  It makes the bass lean forward and means less angle for the left hand to try and reach around; probably not for everyone.

The cutout between the pickups is so that strings can be muted with the thumb under the strings, which is a method I've always preferred.


Electronics and pickups are unmodified.  Cash and collection only from North London please.  I have a little guitar amp for testing purposes.  Can also provide a gig bag which is in bad shape but will let you take it home safely.  Strap included.  This bass was purchased new for about £400.







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Pretty much yes.  I have done the same thing to my 4-string music man, with the exception that the body is heavy enough to not need any more weight to balance ok.

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Sorry can I just clarify...

Is that lighter part between the pickups, a chunk of wood carved out of the body?

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And a hole in the back with some lead shot glued into it..... to make the bass balance better?

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    • By samuelcroberts
      Lowdown Basses custom 6 string fretless for sale. Lowdown basses are built by Chicago bassist/luthier Tim Seisser, who is a small but fantastic bass builder based in the US. I've owned this bass for over a year and have gigged it a lot, but just don't quite get on with it how I thought I would. Beautifully made, plays great, sounds great, looks great, but my requirements have changed somewhat for several reasons.
      This bass is based on the 'catacomb' design that Skjold basses use a lot. It has a multi-layer body - top and back are solid, centre piece is solid but thin-ish, largest layers are heavily chambered. This creates a middle ground sound between solid body and hollow. Essentially a heavily chambered body, but done so with a solid central core. More details on the Lowdown site: http://www.lowdownbass.net/custom-series-sold/qqrk2ppsmg8uattu5gsd7r89sd741h
      There are a few signs of wear - the top of the body near the back (see pics) has a couple of dings in. Purely cosmetic, but they are there.
      Also a note on the one piece ramp/pickup cover - this originally had a 4 black screws with small heads. These weren't quite up to the job and were pulling on the wood layers of the ramp so I replaced them with larger headed screws and nylon washers on top and underside. This doesn't look as beautiful as it could do, but can easily be altered. This was just my originally fix and I never found reason to change it. Functions absolutely perfectly.
      Controls are: Vol/pickup blend, passive tone w/ pull to engage passive mode (passive tone is in parallel and can be used in active or passive mode), Mid boost/cut with freq. selector, treble/bass stack cut/boost. Mini toggle switches turn on/off 'turbo' mode on the Nordstrand Fat Stacks. Not 100% what this is, but it makes it a bit louder, fatter and noisier! Nordstrand say 'This will result in a meaner version of the large tone these pickups deliver — albeit with 60 cycle noise that single coils inherently posses.
      Looking for £1700 ono all things considered, but open to offers. Will provide a Mono vertigo gig bag with bass. Based in Birmingham if you would like to come a give it a blast. Can ship fully insured at buyers expense, but would prefer collection. Can arrange meeting half way etc. if necessary. A lovely bass that deserves more use!
      I will consider trades (with a bit of cash either way) for something like a Rob Allen Mouse or similar, possibly a nice jazz or other fretless. Also willing to trade for quality EUB (BSX Allegro etc.). Willing to listen to offers, but sensible ones please.
      Thanks for looking!
      - 33" scale 6-string fretless bass
      - 17mm string spacing
      - Figured Myrtle top
      - Black Accent Veneer
      - Multi Layered thick body w/Chambered Butternut core pieces
      - 3 pc center body laminate of Walnut/Bloodwood/Walnut
      - Figured Claro Walnut back
      - Bolt-on one piece Quartersawn maple neck
      - Gabon Ebony fingerboard with 24 Bloodwood lines, 16" radius
      - One piece Bloodwood top Ramp/Pickup cover with Butternut base and Walnut/Bloodwood accent layers
      - Nordstrand Fat Stacks with Single Coil/Hum Canceling Stack tap switches
      - John East U Retro Preamp. Bloodwood cavity cover
      - Hipshot A Bridge and Ultralite Tuners
      - Dunlop Dual Design Straplocks
      - Ebony nut
      Originally strung with TI flats, but have been using DR Sunbeams on it for a while. Both sound good and obviously offer their own voice. Bass isn't particularly light or heavy - will weigh if you want!

    • By Ashaby
      Matamp Green 2400W 8x10 bass speaker cabinet. This cab sounds fantastic and will handle any amp head you put on top of it. With a massive 2400W maximum output, this cab sounds fantastic no matter how hard you want to drive your amp head. With wheels and a handle, this cab is portable and easy to get in/out of venues. Very solid build with signs of use/wear as it has been toured for the last 4 years and never ever let me down. All speaker cones work perfectly and speakon input at rear is in perfect working order. 
      In the photo I have tried to get a close up of what looks like a tear in the top right speaker as you look at the cabinet. This is not a tear, and does not effect the sound in anyway, it is just an aesthetic mark/scratch. Closer inspection is welcome.
      I’m selling the cab as I no longer use it and don’t have room to store it at home, therefore it is taking up room in an in laws garage until it finds a new owner. It’s time for someone else to use it and enjoy what it has to offer.
      No time wasters please, only serious enquiries. Feel free to ask any further questions or ask about anything I may have forgotten to mention.
      This cab has honestly been a fantastic part of my backline and has honestly been reliable and never ever glitched or let me down in anyway. Genuinely sad to see it go as they don’t build them like this anymore but as I mentioned, it’s just taking up room and not getting any use anymore. Pick up only due to size and weight of item.

    • By Jaime Tortosa
      Hello everybody. I come here to ask if there's any metalhead that likes or plays bass here in the forum. I think it is important that we form a union. 
      And, I let you know of mu youtube channel, where I upload bassmetal videos weekly. Come if you like metal bass.  The kink:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdzGmH8kV1A4ggge-TquZDg
      Comment here, let's know who likes metal bass in the forum!!
    • By TAzMilitello
      FOR SALE 'cause instruments excess this wonderful and all original 1986 Fender Jazz Bass Special "PJ-555" by Japan production + HIPSTOT DETUNER.
      LAST PRICE DROP TO 900€ (Euros)  = about 800£ (GBP) SHIP COSTS EXCLUDED!
      I am very struggling to give it away... I prefer NO trades, thanks!
      Famous bass model used by Duff McKagan on Guns'n Roses. Here in a awesome slightly glittered military green finished body!
      It have also original tuners and an Hipshot BT-2 De-tuner (same model of original one, also difficult to find).

      Foreign Currency: about payments different from the Euros currency you can pay by clicking using this ►Transferwise bank transfer◄ link.

      Photo of bass here  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byfck43M-h2wS0pPV25ENTRnVTA

      Jazz bass shape maple neck with gloss black finish and rosewood fretboard.
      34" scale, alder Precision Bass shape body. Total weight: 4.2Kg.
      Original 6 mm pole PJ pickups and passive electronics (neck PU volume, bridge PU volume, tone and TBX control with 3 way switch).
      Frets, wiring and all parts have been controlled by a specialized luthier.

      Really wonderfully resonant woods, fully functional, it has no problems, great conditions for a 1986 bass! The conditions are really good for the many years of work! It has also the original 5 holes bolt on plate (4 screws and 1 neck adjustment hole) and a Fender branded plate one. Very balanced, clear and defined tone, great sound, slim neck! It come with a padded gigbag and 0.45-1.05 D'Addario stainless steel strings.

      Bass is located in Italy (Sicily). No problems for international fast shipping (following prices including anti shock packaging):
      To Italy: 30€ (1/2 working days) To Ireland/Great Britain: 60€ (4/5 working days) To Germany and Austria: 45€ (3/4 working days) To Spain: 60€ (4/5 working days) To France: 65€ (4/5 working days) To Lithuania: 75€ (4/5 working days) To Romania: 80€ (4/5 working days) To Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands: 65€ (3/4 working days) To Czech Republic (CZ): 80€ (4/5 working days) To USA and Canada: 110€ (6/8 working days)
    • By BCH
      Price Drop: £2000
      This is my stunning Enfield Cannon 4 string bass with Super 8 pickup & case. I was very lucky to buy this new in 2010, its in excellent condition & has been kept in a smoke free studio. It is set up by Auden guitars.
      Martin Simms designed this unique bass in 2008, the quality of components, build & finish is of the highest quality. Martin has finished 3 of my basses over the years. I view him as one of the top bass luthiers. The Cannon model is top of the range custom built, this one is stunning to look at blending from the sunburst finish front to the blue back...The top is made from English Sycamore that came from Wales. It was from a batch Martin got from a furniture maker who had the wood for over 50 years in his workshop and when he retired sold it on and we were lucky enough to receive a small quantity.   It is fab to play and the sound pallet is vast because of the Super 8 pickup design partnership with John East...any question please contact (  have some 2008+ reviews)..this is a wold class bass & a serious investment (I have inc' the price list which is now £5700), so come and try...this is why its a cash on collection   Some links http://www.enfieldguitars.com/cannon.html
      From Enfield web  Our Enfield Cannon was the first model we launched back in 2008 to showcase our unique Super 8 pickup. Still our flagship model they are built to the highest standard using only our best hand selected timbers. All cannon basses are built to order and are available in either 4, 5 or 6 string models.
      The cannon has been specially designed not only for the pro player but for anyone that seeks the ultimate in sound from their bass. With our Super 8 pickup and it's eight individual coil's along with our uniquely designed pre-amp built to our specifications by the renowned 'John East' ( J-Retro fame ) the cannon is perfect for any gigging or studio situation.
      Cannon Specification's
      Tone chambered body with bespoke hardware designed and produced by Enfield Guitars.
      Standard quarter inch jack and a Balanced XLR output.
      Maple neck with dual action truss rod and 25 med/jumbo frets fitted with custom prepared 'Hipshot' tuners.
      Nut Width's
      4 String Cannon = 44mm

      Bass Player Review 2 PDF.pdf
      Enfield instructions page 3.pdf
      Enfield instructions page1.pdf
      Enfield instructions page2.pdf
      Enfield review 3.pdf
      Enfield review 4.pdf