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Fuzzrocious Grey Stache (dual dist)- ALL SOLD THANKS

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Hi all, selling a couple pedals to fund some more pedals for me for Christmas.

Fuzzrocious Grey Stache SOLD SOLD SOLD

This is the double distortion version with the three diode selector as well. A great fuzz with lots of tailoring options as well as two gain stages. In great condition, no box, velcro on the bottom and googley eyes are free.

£80 posted within the UK.


Catalinbread Teaser Stallion---- SOLD

Great little distortion/fuzz pedal, think it's one of the older ones. One button for Distortion on/off and one for the crazy sound frequencies, ala Dwarfcraft's Great Destroyer. Works with actives, too. In good condition, bit scuffed and used, no box, velcro underneath.

£40 posted within the UK.


Feel free to shoot me any questions. I'll take sensible offers for the DOD bass EQ, too.



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That teaser stallion looks fantastic!  is it a fuzz mixed with a ring mod like the co pilot orbit!! does it do synth sounds? looks just the thing to go in the loop of my T65!  banned from buying till end of  Jan though :(

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21 hours ago, lee650 said:

That teaser stallion looks fantastic!  is it a fuzz mixed with a ring mod like the co pilot orbit!! does it do synth sounds? looks just the thing to go in the loop of my T65!  banned from buying till end of  Jan though :(

Ahh not quite, it's a bit like the Dwarfcraft Great Destroyer, but more distortion sounding, I think the Teaser Stallion or TS alludes to Tube Screamer more! It's noises are more all out noise and feedback sort of sounds rather than ring mod! It's nuts for sure but my covers band don't seem to think it suits!:biggrin:

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Cheers I'll ie

been doing a bit of research and it doesn't  seem to be what I'm after ( co pilot orbit) shame as the form factor is perfect for my overcrowded board :)

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