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  1. Tony bought a pedal from me and it was a good experience all round, and he was wonderfully patient through the annoyance of postage delays! Lovely chap, highly recommended. Thanks.
  2. MXR Bass Distortion £100 posted Bought this brand new for £130 about 6 weeks ago, good pedal but found some other things I prefer since. Forgot to return it to Anderton’s in time. brand new condition with box etc had about an hours play time Darkglass Vintage Microtubes SOLD posted Bought this second hand on here a few years ago, I think it’s an older model, sounds great and offers a lovely vintage style overdrive. Served me well but time to move it on. Good but used condition with box. Bananana Effects Matryoshka Synth SOLD posted Bought new last year from amazon for £189 and it’s fun but I have other ways I like to get my sounds so it’s goodbye! has box etc and is in essentially brand new condition but with velcro. All pedals in good working order and with postage included within UK. I am open to trades but not looking for anything specific right now. Fire away any questions! Thanks!
  3. Hey all... I’ve got a Malekko Scrutator which I love and use all the time- has since new 3/4 years ago, but it’s just started playing up. I really need to get it fixed but don’t know the best route to go down. I’ve contacted Malekko but not heard back yet- their website wasn’t overly helpful. Would I be best to find an amp fixer? I’m in Sussex and I don’t know of anyone locally- took a pedal once to a locally recommended chap and it ended up worse off so and I ended up £200 down so I’m a bit anxious about trying anyone who isn’t highly recommended. Id do it myself but i looked inside and it was way beyond me 😂😂 Any and all advice appreciated! Ollie
  4. Hi all, selling my EQD Bit Commander, I'm sure you all know of this one by now. 1 octave down, 1 sub, 1 octave up, dry signal and all are affected by distortion/bit crushing lovelyness. Selling because I don't use it as I have other pedals that do the same job. £110 posted- original box and candy etc. Owned for about 18 months and only really used a handful of times. It's the V2. Picture to follow. NOW SOLD THANKS
  5. Earthquaker Devices Sea Machine Chorus V2 Crazy little chorus pedal, full of warble and wobble and makes for an interesting chorus. Owned since new for a year or so I think. Works great, sounds great, original box and bits. £110 NOW £100 posted within UK smallsound/bigsound Team Awesome! Fuzz Machine- NOW SOLD Great fuzz with clean blend and a gated boost button which maxes out the fuzz setting. Can go from simple overdriven sounds to all-out war fuzz sounds. Bought on here a wee while ago, works great, sounds great, original box. NOW SOLD No trades for now thanks... unless you have an interested envelope filter... I'm saving up for a Proton.
  6. Hi all, I recently saved up all my pennies and bought myself a Tensor for a bit of fun. It's bloody amazing! I thoroughly recommend everyone at least tries one at some point, it's wicked. Ive noticed a problem, however, that in a certain mode in combination with certain knob twiddles (it's a complicated pedal) I'm getting a clipping/distorted sound, like a dodgy cable or connection. Now the pedal works fine and does what it should do, but every time I switch to this mode (which happens to be my favourite so far) it clips and fizzles like the speaker cant take the sound. Now I've tried everything you normally would- cables/amps/power supplies/basses/firmware update etc etc and it still does it. The settings are NXT mode with sound captured, with both Rand and Time engaged, it is MUCH more apparent when I use the expression pedal to bring in these controls, though does it without it. It happens erratically and I can't actively trigger it to happen- also not to be confused with the glitchy purposeful pops that can be found. Being a brand new pedal I haven't opened it up or anything just yet. However, I shot Red Panda a message (as it's such a complicated and expensive little pedal and it did get sent from DV247- now in Germany) because I wanted to be sure I wasn't doing anything wrong. Andy at Red Panda has been very helpful and informed me it was likely that it wasn't receiving the correct mA, which is stated to be 250mA on the rear of the pedal and Andy himself said it runs better closer to 300mA, especially when using a lot of the features as there is more headroom and less chance of it breaking up. Fine, some pedals need that, however, I don't have a power supply that will give me that (he suggested using a onespot- though I haven't heard great things about them and don't really wanna drop £20 on one just for the sake of it) and I've run through a standard 9v Boss power supply (200mA) and a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 (which has options from 100mA to 250mA) but none of these seem to work. "you will need to use a larger mA power supply. A lot of power supplies are supplying just under what it claims it can do and the power can waver, and so Tensor needs to be fed with over 250 mA to operate at its best and not break up when using full power. Do you think you could borrow a one-spot or something to try this?" My fears (and hopes to some extent) are that it is faulty, but if it ISNT and this is just how the pedal works, can anyone tell me? I don't want to return it and swap it for a new one just to find the same problem, but I also don't feel I would regularly use a pedal that requires SUCH specific power that it wont work with one of the most widely available power supplies in use- which never gives me trouble by the way. I mean part of the reason I dropped £300 on this and not £250 on the Pigtronix Mothership was that I wouldn't need a different power supply for just one pedal. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! EDIT: I got a onespot. still made the noise. RP confirmed they used same Voodoo Labs power supply anyway and I surmised that the unit was faulty after all, return is all sorted and fingers crossed for a new working Tensor next week or two! boom.
  7. No, they are the same output, my original request was two outputs to bi-amp my sound so the two inputs are separate for two different instruments and the two outputs are the same.
  8. Last pedal left: Darkglass B3K Y'all know about this one, great little overdrive pedal, it's in good working condition and sounds grand. I believe this is one of the earlier USA models (number 741 inside). Bought on here a few years ago. £75 posted in original box- no bits though. Pedals will come in their own box if possible or a different box and well packaged and sent through first class royal mail within the UK. Postage discount for collection around Worthing area. No trades at this time... saving up for something fancy. Thanks! Fire away any questions!
  9. Hi all, Selling my one week old flat light flanger, bought brand new and played with for an hour or two but it's just not my thing. I would return it from whence it came but I've done that a couple times recently and I feel bad so I'm popping it up here. Perfect, as new condition but with Velcro on the bottom because I got over excited when I got it. All the box and papers and extras are there too. Patrick Hunter does a great bass demo of this online if you want to check it out. Price is £150 posted. Wanna get me some malekko instead! Any questions shoot em over!
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