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Jus Lukin

Stereo impedance

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I've been asked to clear up an impedance question for a friend- I may know better than he does, but I'm no expert!

He has a solid-state stereo amplifier and new (secondhand) set of speakers, the amp has a minimum load of 6 Ohms per speaker, but the speakers themselves are rated at 4-8 Ohms. Knowing that impedance ratings are usually nominal, I'm assuming that the speakers might otherwise have been rated at 6 Ohms, and also found a reference suggesting that it might be a nominal 8 Ohms, but with a minimum swing of 4. Either way the speakers should be within spec for what the amp is likely to expect to see, so I have advised him that he [i]should[/i] be OK, but not to blast the speakers, just to be on the safer side.

However, I've never seen a speaker rated for a range like this before, so wondered whether anyone might be able to clear the matter up at all?

I'll try to upload from my phone some pics he sent too.

Thanks, Andy

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Thanks MoonBass Alpha.

Here are the pics...



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Typically Hi Fi speakers Ohm rating is "nominal"

Impedence (ohms )will drop with rising volume and hi frequency content. I suggest that the Eltax spec means the highest and lowest values. So should cause no problems.

My Apogee speakers are 3 Ohms nominal dropping to .5 Ohm at high volume.

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