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Small mixing desk advice please...

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Hi all,

I am looking for a small mixing desk (I think!) for my home office so hoping someone has done similar and can give the words of wisdom ...


I want to be able to hook up some PC playback software (no idea what!), and hook my bass into the PC (via the DI on amp, or direct to a desk?) ... the objective is to be able to play along to tracks on my PC, and have them all mixed in.
I am aware there is software some of you use to speed up/slow down / change key of music etc?

So - I am thinking I need perhaps to get a small mixing desk that I have the following inputs:

- 1 for my mike
- 1 for bass/instrument
- 1 for laptop in
- spare or two?
- output to headphones
- line-out to monitors

Any advice most welcome!


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I've a wee Behringer Xenyx Q502USB.

Channel 1 has XLR and 1/4" input
Channels 2 -5 are all 1/4" input
CD/Tape - stereo in/out RCA
Headphone out
Main mix goes to monitors
USB goes to PC

Thing's a doddle to use and was £30 2nd hand. £50 new but there's an 8 channel one goes for £65.


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Also check out the Tapco range, e.g. http://www.gear4music.com/PA-DJ-and-Lighting/DISC-Tapco-Blend-6-6-Channel-Mixer/3G9

The point is that they're the Squier to Mackie's Fender, so the quality level is higher than you might expect.

I picked one up pre-owned for £30 and I've used it for dozens of small and semi-acoustic gigs since then.

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The tapco blend 6 that Jack linked is a really nice little mixer, one of the best things about it is it has separate volume controls for the headphone send and main outs, which means you can use it to connect your speakers and headphones simultaneously and mute/adjust either as you feel. The signal routing options are better than any of the other similarly priced/sized options, and self noise is very low compared to the behringer and yamaha offerings. I've been using mine for about ten years without issue, so would recommend.

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Have a look at the Yamaha MG12xu desk. It has easy to use compressors on board, a Multi-effect and two group outs which is great for recording. Besides that it´s got all the features you mentioned. Soundquality is much better than Behringer.

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