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Aria Pro II SB800 Fretless

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So I'm having a bit of a clear out of gear that's knocking around the house / in my lockup that doesn't really get the use it deserves, and this is the first victim of the cull.

It's an absolutely lovely Aria Pro II SB800 lined fretless, with period (I don't think it's original) case.

Setup to be as low and fast as possible, without rattles. Also got some nice flat strings on it too. I haven't actually gigged it since purchase over a year ago. It lives in it's case under the bed and it's shame it doesn't see any use.

For it's age, it's in excellent condition with only a few age related marks which are hard to photograph. The worst (which I have a pic of) is a chip in the lacquer at the very top of the head. I guess the best way to describe the instrument is as 'unmolestered'

The bass is located in the Manchester area, and collection is preferred. I do drive up and down the country on a regular basis though for gigs, so meeting can also me arranged, or postage at buyer's cost / risk.

Price wise, I'm after £600 and will consider sensible offers.

37606357342_d940d379ed_c.jpg&key=79d4c5d2acd5b281f0647a3aa03d1b6afa2816233f47d28dd6a4f20cea51f976393736EE-3995-44BF-89A1-DF80DD6CFBEC_zpsirrti3s9 by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr

36967577123_7cb05ac1a2_c.jpg&key=eb3b7a751f714aebdf427e4ab1972daab3f1e1fed63fcde47f43592b2cf2d9ebB7C8687A-5DA1-4757-BAF5-1F48B74679B4_zpsnbvou55d by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr

36967576783_3d1548d5d3_c.jpg&key=37c67f6018162663a5ee71a1c185825c8fd3c6085f9a1d7009fc70c1877f8633DAFB2699-77E3-426D-A249-1FE27F7E2B4F_zpscnor9wuc by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr

37606357652_7b9e4e0d31_c.jpg&key=7879424fc1986fe2728a9d5a8b9d32a362ec896cacf7dac5ce4946dd1e452add9F79A6C7-2D01-46D4-AB6F-04813C29C708_zpsmmg55sbp by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr

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New price and photos bump after Photobucket ruined so many people's threads!


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I have an identical fretted model which I put up for sale on BC a few years ago for a similar price, thinking it was an Elite II

I was promptly ripped a new one by the Aria cognoscenti, who disagreed that it was an Elite II, describing it instead as a Korean-made SB SLT. IIRC the non-recessed jack was described as some kind of giveaway.

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It's not an SB-Elite II, though. It's a post-Matsumoku SB-ELT, from about 1989. These are MIJ, and understood to have been made by Tokai Gakki.

I have one of these, fretted. Wasn't aware there was a factory fretless - would be nice to have the pair, if only I could afford/justify it! GLWTS!


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Thanks for the info, I'll check it out with the Aria owners group. I was sold it as an SB Elite so naturally that's what you believe it is. Either way it's still a fair price.

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I think they're pretty much identical to the Matsumoku builds, apart from a couple of small-ish details - the non-recessed jack being one. Otherwise Elite IIs (and SB-R 80s, which differ only in name & finish from Elites!) have 2x co-ax volume/tone and a 3-way rotary selector, instead of the J-type wiring on the SB-ELT, and a slightly wider 42mm nut measurement, the ELT being 40mm.

I actually have an '83 SB Elite Black & Gold as a resto project so can compare the two - there are a few detail differences, most of which look like the consequence of different factories making the same design, the inlays are noticeably tidier on the ELT, and the bridge base is made from two machined sections screwed together rather than the cast alloy of the older bass.

No problems at all with your asking price - I paid a little less for mine, but it had been neglected & did require a lot of cleaning & fettling to get it right - still needs a minor fret dress, tbh!

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