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James Nada


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[quote name='Zenitram' timestamp='1458330580' post='3006791']
How much are you prepared to spend?

About £60 for a musical instrument, more if it would double as an attractive stool in the kitchen.

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[b]Schlagwerk CP404[/b] (funky rather than pretty but very very good and within budget) (they also have a model for just about every budget -- I have the CP432)

If you're feeling spendier:

[b]De Gregorio[/b] for some gorgeous designs and very high quality (but they're expensive)
[b]Leiva[/b] for quality (but also expensive, but amazing quality for the money and some lovely designs - the Medina for example)
[b]Sela[/b] (don't know much about them, but apparently quality and well made)

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This is a very good price (I went all round the internet recently trying to find a good price for this model, and this is way below anywhere else) for what I think is a beautiful piece of work:

(Despite not owning one, I am very biased towards Leiva, as they're made not far from where I used to live in Spain. And as with De Gregorio they are made by a small company that seems to take a great deal of care in what it produces.)

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They hurt your hands. I thought it was just me (I had one for a while but moved it on for that reason), but I was chatting with a pro drummer at the weekend who uses one - "doesn't it hurt your hands?" I asked, expecting tips on proper technique or something... 'yes it does' he confirmed, and showed me his hands - a mess of callouses and dead skin. On the other hand, I saw someone else using one just as a seat / bassdrum, using a kick pedal turned around and worked with the heel. He had a large djembe sat in front of him which he played lightly with brushes and sticks, and a second kick pedal which operated a tambourine jingle type thing. Whole kit worked really well together.

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