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*** SOLD *** Yamaha BB2004 Natural

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Gone... thanks for looking.


Hi guys,

Bought this from a fellow bass chatter about a year ago. I love its sound and feel but have been missing the B string too much lately and definitively cannot afford the 5 string version of this (if I could find one).
It’s in very good condition and taken care of, but has been used regularly so it has some very small knocks, some buckle rash on the back, which does not go through the finish, and some on the top edge.

Although it hasn’t been available for a while, retail price on GAK comes up as £800 so it gives you an idea. This is the description that they had for it:
“Designed with a sleek, deep-cutaway body profile, this new bass offers many of the features that have made Nathan East's BB-NE2 the deserved flagship of the BB range. The maple/mahogany through-neck promotes maximum sustain in conjunction with individual bridge assemblies for each string, while the playing range is a full two octaves. The rosewood fingerboard is decorated with sumptuous pearl block markers.
A stunning palette of sounds comes via two powerful single-coil, controlled by two-band EQ and a pickup balancer, plus the additional tone-shaping facilities of a variable mid cut frequency control and cut-off switch.”

Here's a nice clip of Nick Fyffe from Jamiroquai playing a Yamaha BB2004 just if you were wondering if it was up to gigging standards:

Ideally looking for one of the following 5 stringers in trade/part-exchange depending on which one it is:
- Yamaha TRB5/TRB5II/TRB1005
- Fender Jazz V MIM/MIJ
- Warwick Corvette 5
- Spector Legend 5

Would consider a part-exchange/trade for another 5 string.

I like making business in person so pick up ONLY in North London and cash on collection.




Specifications from Yamaha manual:

Scale Length: 863.6mm
Construction: Through Neck
Length: 1137.0mm
Width: 315.0mm
Net Weight: 4.3kg
Body Material: Maple, Alder
Body Depth: 47mm

Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
Fingerboard Width: 0-F40.0mm,12-F56.4mm
No. of Frets: 24

Neck Material: Maple, African Mahogany
Neck Thickness: 1-F21.1mm,12-F26.4mm

Hardware: Chrome Plated
Nut: Bone
Bridge: BPZ-8Diecast (Chrome)

Master Volume, Bass, Treble, Mid Cut Freq, Balancer, Mid Cut Toggle Switch

Front: Humcancel (Split Single Coil)
Rear: Stacked type (Single Coil)
Magnet: Alnico V

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Hi, according to the manual 4.3 kg.

Subjectively it is one of the lighter basses I have played.

[quote name='flippyfloop' timestamp='1441964527' post='2863258']
What is the weight please ?

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I haven't played a true P-Bass in an incredibly long time but I remember it being quite thick. Would say this is like a Jazz but a bit more of a C shape from what I recall from the 4 string jazz's I have played.

[quote name='King Tut' timestamp='1442044313' post='2863959']
What's the neck width like on this? More akin to a J or a P?

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