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NBD: passive G&L El Toro!

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i joined the G&L club recently after buying 2 vintage G&L basses :

a late '81 L1000 and a 1983-84 rare passive model El Toro:

Both basses come from Germany: vintage G&L are barely seen in our old Europe.

More about that El Toro. She is really in great condition.
I'm the second owner, the first bought it in the early 80's to learn to play, but finally prefer the guitar, so the bass stayed under the bed until the ebay auction!!!
When i received it, she still worn the stock roundwound strings! but after all the time spent, they are a little dull and rusted, and the neck had a serious front bow. Nonetheless, the frets and the rest of the bass were like new!
After cleaning the fretboard with some steal wool, tweaking the trussrod, puting an old set of TI jazz flats, the El Toro come back to life!!! A real 80's flash back! [smilie=grinning-smiley-003.gif]
She plays like butter, with an amazing fast neck. (1 11/16 at the nut like the L1000).
She sounds a little more midrangey than the the L1000, but i dig it! B)
The HB2 pickups are clear and articulate.

To date that bass, i unsettled the neck, and i found that it is younger than the body:

Body stamps:
"#3" stamped 2 times
"2" stamped in a circle
"JUL. 1 1983"

Neck stamps:
"2" stamped in a circle
"MAR. 27 1984"

Serial number neck plate: B013xxx

As a result, G&l may have sold a few passive model in 1984??

The wood body seems to be 3 pieces of soft maple, and weights approximately 4.5kgs. The neck is a bi-cut maple and rosewood fretboard.

Those 80's G&L are underestimated basses, they are hand built, rock solid, and cut like no other in a mix! ;) So, if you find one for sale, grab it!

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Lovely but have a slapped wrist for not lovingly dusting the body of the El toro prior to the photo session. :)

Got to agree, they certainly cut through, the pups seem hugely powerful.

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yeah that El Toro looks like a nasty Jazz Bass... and sounds like it! B)
... definitively a keeper ;)
Don't understand why G&L stopped that model...

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