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A History Of Dub - Documentary on Youtube

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[quote name='silddx' post='1277756' date='Jun 21 2011, 09:08 PM']Part 1 of 8


Thanks for that fantastic -- that room full of tapes WOW, I wonder if he would employ me for a couple of years to convert them all to digital??!! :)


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Fantastic! Watched all 8 parts last night.

I 'used' to be a big fan of Dub and Reggae. A lot.

I hesitate to say this, but it's true. I must admit, since I put away certain 'tobacco based delights' many rivers ago, I also hesitantly and knowingly tucked this music in the same drawer. shame.

I'd forgotten the 'Power'! Thanks for reopening that drawer. Long Live the Fire! :)

Recommended watching for all musicians :)

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