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  1. No doubt, you have heard the recorded version of 'Solid Air' by now, but for those who haven't ... it's like falling through treacle ... (has anyone mentioned that this song was written about his friend, Nick Drake?)
  2. My good friend, who is a guitarist, went to see B.B. King in the early '90's , and has often told me the story that B.B. threw out some picks out at the end of the concert to the audience, but my friend, was that stunned and overawed that he couldn't move and missed out on picking one up. One of our girl friends saw B.B at the Albert Hall this week, and she was under strict instructions to "make sure you get a guitar pick!". Apparently she was in the toilet when he threw them. My friend is that distraught, he says he's not plucking a string, [b]Ever Again![/b] until he gets one !!! Anyway, here's some nice picked bass, for all the doubters ...
  3. [quote name='dumelow' post='1282930' date='Jun 26 2011, 12:12 PM']Thats the one mate! exact same. I absolute love it, in my 7/8 years of playing bass Ive never found a bass that has felt more comfortable to play, not one. Its definitely worth upgrading though, cause the sound doesnt please my ears quite as much as jazz basses have been doing recently. Ive played a few jazz basses, and though about buying one because I really do love the sound, but I miss the active preamp, and as I mentioned, my ibanez still feels better to play. I know a P/J configuration wont ever sound the same as a J/J config, but with the right choice of pickups and a decent preamp, surely it can be versatile enough to sound real close.[/quote] Cool. Some pickup manufacturers sell PJ sets, or others sell J pickups individualy which can be matched with a P of choice. Most are passive and should work fine with your existing preamp. Just ask on here if unsure, someone will be able to help. Here's a selection worthy of consideration and research ... DiMarzio's and EMG's [url="http://www.axiomatic-music.co.uk/acatalog/Precision_Bass_Style.html"]here[/url] Wizard (two types, bottom of page 1 and page 2) [url="http://www.wizardpickups.co.uk/shop.asp?category=Bass"]here[/url] Bartolini (two types of P, deep or bright) [url="http://www.bartolini.net/information/bass/4st_bass_pu_s.htm"]here[/url] Seymour Duncan 'Basslines' [url="http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/basslines/"]here[/url] Lindy Fralin [url="http://www.fralinpickups.com/bass.asp"]here[/url] M.E.C. (active and passive) [url="http://www.mec-pickups.de/modules/products/product.php?katID=15039&cl=EN"]here[/url] Nordstrand [url="http://www.nordstrandpickups.com/bass-pickups/index.shtml"]here[/url] Of course there are other manufacturers as well, but these should keep you busy for a while ... and then to preamps ...
  4. If it's [i]the look[/i] your after, you may also like some of the 'Italia Guitars' range of basses ... >>> [url="http://www.italiaguitars.com/bassDetail_outer.php?thisGuitarId=23"]Italiaguitars.com[/url] the 'Mondial' for instance ...
  5. [quote name='Westie9' post='1282888' date='Jun 26 2011, 11:20 AM']Has anyone any thoughts and feelings about them?[/quote] None personally, but 'the bass whisperer' himself does ...
  6. ahhhhh, mmmmn, it's Sunday again ....
  7. Fantastic! Watched all 8 parts last night. I 'used' to be a big fan of Dub and Reggae. A lot. I hesitate to say this, but it's true. I must admit, since I put away certain 'tobacco based delights' many rivers ago, I also hesitantly and knowingly tucked this music in the same drawer. shame. I'd forgotten the 'Power'! Thanks for reopening that drawer. Long Live the Fire! Recommended watching for all musicians
  8. [quote name='dumelow' post='1277864' date='Jun 21 2011, 10:44 PM']Hi, Ive got a 2003 model Ibanez SR700 which means it differs from other models by have a P/J pickup config. It has an active 3 band preamp. I dont know if it has active or passive pickups in it, Im not sure how to tell. I want to upgrade the pickups, and eventually the preamp. Will any combination work, as long as it physically fits in the bass?? Can I keep the active preamp and put active or passive pickups in? And can the preamp be replaced by any 3 band active preamp or is there more to it than that? Obviously the next question will be, which pickups and preamps are considered to be the definite go-to improvements on stock parts?[/quote] Hi dumelow, I'm assuming it's similar to this model? >>> [url="http://www.ibanezregister.com/Gallery/basses/sr/gal-sr700.htm"]Ibanez register SR700 2003[/url] If so, it should have the 'DX-P' and 'DX-J' branded pickups which, I think, were passive but also included in some of the lower end of the range as well (SR300 > SR700). I think the SR700 differed by having an active preamp. (I may be mistaken though and there are at least a couple of forum members who are very knowledgable on Japanese basses and may help out. ) [quote name='LiamPodmore' post='1277884' date='Jun 21 2011, 10:57 PM']It will likely have passive pickups and an active preamp, as all Ibanez's i have seen have that configuration.[/quote] Not necessarily, I've got a '98 SR800 ... ... with active pickups ... The 'AFR-' stands for 'active full range'. If your looking to upgrade either, well, I'd [i]probably[/i] look at the pickups first. But then, after that, you may wonder about the preamp? And then down the 'slippery slope of expense' you may slide. Try a search on here for 'preamp' and 'pickup' and you'll find loads of lovely information about choices. It all depends how good this bass is for you, disregarding any electronics. Is it worth the cost to upgrade it? For what it's worth, my Ibby is the most natural feeling bass I've ever played, it hugs me like a well toned ballet dancer. I am seriously debating whether to splash out on some high end 'tronics myself! Keep us posted.
  9. [quote name='essexbasscat' post='1274733' date='Jun 19 2011, 02:16 PM']A little ditty that came up this week, composed by macca, covered by Mary Hopkin. Enjoy [/quote] Sublime ...
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