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Impedance etc

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23 minutes ago, Huge Hands said:

Must be on later models - I have two early ones (were known as the Retro 2x10 back then) and there is no switch.  You had to get a loom fitted to change them from 4ohm to 12ohm apparently? 

The switchs are fitted as a matter of course these days. It's now called the Two10S, I got BF to add the switch to my first 210.

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4 hours ago, Quilly said:


Why don't more speaker manufacturers do this?...seems like such a no-brainer. 

Because IMO it doesn't give you any advantage. There's a whole thread on this already.

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You don't even have to search out other threads, why it's not useful in general has been explained in this thread, repeatedly, including just a few posts before this one. The only reason to want a 4 ohm/8ohm 112 cab is to allow using it with a valve amp that needs a maximum 4 ohm load and with an SS amp that won't take a 4 ohm load. 

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