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  1. [quote name='molan' post='789013' date='Mar 28 2010, 11:28 PM']Wow, just channel flipping & Cheryl Lynn pops up on an M&S advert!

    I have this on 12" somewhere along with Encore:

    Gotta love the male dancers on this vid, lol[/quote]
    now thats more like it. tired of hearing 10 a penny slow funk grooves.

  2. [quote name='Rimskidog' post='780058' date='Mar 19 2010, 05:53 PM']I guess as long as a lot of kids are still listening to this then there's still a market somewhere. I know these guys fill their gigs so they must be doing something right. Appreciate your honesty though. (and as an aside as the production's the only bit I'm responsible for I'll take 'quite good' as a complement from a critic such as yourself :) )[/quote]
    That's it! i'm probably well out of touch being 30! Ha ha. i just thought you wanted an opinion and i hate it when people are just kind about stuff when you know they don't like it. Plus i'm so critical of my own stuff. i think criticism, if valid improves work. i only said quite good for production cos can't fullly tell cos my speakers are a bit sh*t!

  3. [quote name='Bloodaxe' post='779881' date='Mar 19 2010, 03:20 PM']Interesssteeeng... and quite sweary...

    Puts me in mind of some of Joel Veitch's stuff...

    [url="http://www.rathergood.com/pigs"]Hitting Pigs With Hammers[/url]
    [url="http://www.rathergood.com/anvils"]Van Full Of Anvils[/url]

    and this rather catchy combination of Fact and Science:

    ha ha. good stuff.
    Our track is quite sweary. There is another tourette timmy which is quite sweary but we have other tunes that are sweet and innocent tho they aren't on our myspace.

  4. [quote name='Rimskidog' post='778070' date='Mar 17 2010, 10:22 PM']My new year's resolution this year was to give a bit back. As a result I decided that during the course of the year I'd take on 4 unsigned bands that I thought had some great material but not the savvy and try and help them get a deal, first by recording/mixing and producing them myself during downtime and second by shopping them around some of my contacts. The first band I did is called "The Low Orders". We had their debut EP mastered at Abbey Road yesterday. Here's a link to their page: www.myspace.com/theloworders (I did the first three songs listed ie not Mardy Wife). Let me know what you think!
    Er! not to be an arsehole, It's just generic indie that's been done a million times by a million bands. Its sounds like 1996 meets the arctic monkeys. i think that ship has sailed. it's not very tight either. Living in Manchester i hear this kind of band everyday. production is quite good tho. But there is a thing on your topic that says you can't polish a turd!

  5. Don't expect many to like this!
    This band was formed by a group of musicians who regularly played clubs in different bands doing original material. We all thought the state of mainstream pop music was a joke and we also found the club scene a joke. All the bands taking themselves too seriously and many putting style over substance. so we decided to lampoon this with a side project where we all wore ridiculous outfits and wrote ridiculous tunes with ridiculous subject matter. This is the only one we have a video for. If you do like it you can check out other tunes at Myspace/bandofgold08. Opinions will be good even if you think its terrible, Cos we don't take it seriously but bizarrely we are starting to get a following!

  6. [quote name='lanark' post='739029' date='Feb 8 2010, 03:51 PM']I've seen a guy do perfectly excellent stab at Jamerson's What's Going On bassline and half the comments are morons telling him that "it's nothing like Jamerson" or "you need to get better rhythm" and "what the hell you thinking not recreating every fill EXACTLY how the great man did it (even if Jamerson did it differently every time he played)".

    What do people get out of this act of belittlement?


  7. [quote name='Golchen' post='775597' date='Mar 15 2010, 07:47 PM']Greetings and welcome! You certainly sound like you know what you are doing. Glad to have you on board.[/quote]
    just watched some of ya stuff. Jack of all trades! Impressive. Particularly liked chapman stick stuff. In the process of getting some of my own stuff sorted. But its a little wierd and some stuff ridiculous. Ain't got a vid camera cos its broke so will just be tunes. Good work keep it up!

  8. Great track! Who's on bass and drums?

    it's Terry Bozzio on drums and T M Stevens on Bass! they are double tight but it flows. when they smassh the polyrhythms together as they leave sections and behind the solo. stil gives me a buzz and i've been listening to it over 15 yrs. not constantly obviously!

  9. Here's one! A bit different and quite heavy. Not a funky groove but a groove nevertheless. in terms of drums and bass playing everything together this is a fine example. they hit nearly everything and there is loads of poly rhythms. However tunes is very cheesy rock. So apologies on that level. but the drummer is my favourite. i would rip my pink torpedo off to jam with him! is that a bit extreme!


  10. Totally agree with you. When I started the post I invited grooves of any genre whatsoever. I personally love funk, hence my choices, but let's see some more obscure examples.

    Me too geezer! However the main thing that hooks me on a groove is how filthy it is. The filthier the better!

  11. I kind of get wound up about the "Groove" thing. Nowadays i think its just a by-word for funky. Anything can have groove without it being funky. Even sections of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring have good grooves. i think through naivety (tho this doesn't obviously apply to everyone) mid tempo funk/jazz gets described as having a good groove. Though good groove can be at any tempo or genre for example Kashmir by Zep has a fat groove even tho its straighter than straight. Also some really quick stuff like The One or Outta love by Van Halen has a great groove. i ain't just a bitter rocker cos i love funk, jazz and fusion but thats just so obvious to mention. However my example is a James Brown track at a high tempo. Can't get enough of it at the moment and it as a bad donkey groove! It's Let me looose i'm Dr. Feelgood. unfortunately i can't upload my copy so i've included a youtube link. but it has a picture of semi naked men for some reason, tho its the original track

    jimmy b

  12. [quote name='Golchen' post='775597' date='Mar 15 2010, 07:47 PM']Greetings and welcome! You certainly sound like you know what you are doing. Glad to have you on board.[/quote]
    Thank you kindly

  13. How do!
    Just joined up. Read about it on youtube! Thought it sounded interesting! I've played bass for 16-17yrs. Incessantly for about 12 then last couple of years not touched it much due to gigs drumming or singer. However, recently got a bass gig sessioning for theatre company and joined a covers band, so i'm back to spanking the old plank. My powers have waned a little but i shall practice to return to former glories. Ain't that interested in gear, got a yamaha 5 string and a Jackson 4 string and play with an old 80's marshall thru 90's Peaveys two tens and a 15. No effects. Thats as far as my interest goes but will be purchasing a fretless at some point. Studied jazz and contemporary classical music, but i'm a rocker at heart. I am quite opionated as far as music is concerned and will say what i think. Come on here to chat about musicology and ideology behind bass playing. Cheers looking forward to this forum.

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