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  1. I've had one of these for a few months. 

    I upgraded from one of the cheaper digi systems, and I am very impressed - It's the quietest system (background noise) I've used, and is crystal clear. 

    It gets used alongside my g30 system at every gig I do, as well as the rehearsals required. 

    Great battery life, and great sound. Highly recommend it to anyone 👍

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  2. I've always loved shaped instruments. Equally I've always loved traditionally shaped ones too


    I showed up at a jam night with a 'pointy' for a few times, and saw some eyebrows raised, but the next time, I took my USA p for a change, and I heard the comment  - "I see he's decided to grow up"


    Now, on the rare occasion I do go to a Jam night, I take pointies just for sheer spite lol


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