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  1. High End Cables

    [quote name='Drax' timestamp='1510070660' post='3403745'] That's really interesting. I use a PJB double 4 with Monster cable alot. What was the issue? [/quote] IIRC Monster cables use slightly oversized jack plugs. Over time this relaxes the spring in a jock socket so that eventually a "standard" jack plug won't stay securely plugged in. One of our guitarists used Monster for a while then reverted to a normal cable - predictably his new cable kept falling out of his guitar until I replaced the output jack!
  2. Single 12" bass Cab

    [quote name='Gottastopbuyinggear' timestamp='1509698067' post='3400888'] If you're also DIY inclined in the electronics area then try the fdeck HPF pre. I built one from this layout: [url="http://tagboardeffects.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/hpf-technology-hpf-pre-2.html"]http://tagboardeffec...-hpf-pre-2.html[/url] [/quote] +1. I did the same and wouldn't play without it now.
  3. New EHX - "Slammi Plus"

    Given that EHX are knocking it out of the park recently, this could be an interesting one! [media]http://youtu.be/zjFTj1-eA0Y[/media] If I read the blurb correctly, it can do +/- 3 octaves! GAK has it listed at £161, which seems competitive. No idea how well it works on bass, but I'm sure one of the usual suspects will let us know before long
  4. Just checking - this is a direct replacement for the Fender BBOT, right? As in no drilling required?
  5. NUX Time Force tap tempo delay, anyone?

    Marshall Echohead is a great-sounding inexpensive delay with excellent features, including tap-tempo. Does require an external tap switch, but you should be able to pick up a used Echohead for around £40 or so and maybe another tenner for the tap switch. Well worth a look. The reverse delay option is also great fun and the analog option is as good as any I’ve tried.
  6. Tremolo suggestions

    [quote name='dudewheresmybass' timestamp='1507274931' post='3384360'] I have a Marshall vibratrem which I was given a good while ago. They are surprisingly easy to find at a good price- only around £40 new [/quote] Yep, I was just about to suggest this. In fact I have one I'm about to move on as I no longer need it. Those Marshall pedals are all great for the money and seem to have slipped largely under the radar, which helps to keep prices down on the used market.
  7. On the importance of Robert Plant

    Let's be fair, the drums are somewhat lacking compared to the Zep version as well!
  8. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    [quote name='Sibob' timestamp='1507146572' post='3383639'] Fully refined now I think [/quote] We both know that's a lie!
  9. SOLD - Bass Big Muff

    And sold!
  10. SOLD

    [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1507027820' post='3382787'] Click on 'Edit' in your ad, then 'Use Full Editor'. [/quote] Thank you!
  11. SOLD - MIJ OC-2

  12. SOLD

    Ummmm, I've just sold an item but can't see how/where you edit the thread title. Am I being rather silly?
  13. SOLD - Bass Big Muff

    Still for sale
  14. Boss OC-2 Serial Database - Please add yours

    [quote name='Sibob' timestamp='1506938347' post='3382054'] p.s. Don't sell it [/quote] Believe me, I don't want to! Imminent wedding forces sale, plus the COG T47 keeps it off the board. I'd still keep it if I didn't need the cash!
  15. SOLD - MIJ OC-2

    You are currently third in the dibs queue. Your dibs are important to us. Please continue to hold.