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  1. Few bits to shift, all prices include UK postage. Just bits from projects that never happened or have been upgraded and are now surplus to requirements. 2 x BBOT bridges. Standard Fender drill pattern, one has a slightly longer baseplate than the other. One is a Squier IIRC, the other is from a random Jazz body I bought off eBay. Both work as they should and have some very minor marks/wear as they have been used for a short period. £8 each. 3 X pairs of cheapish Chinese P Bass control knobs (dome topped). One set is push-fit, the other two are set-screw type. Never used. The push fit ones seem slightly better quality than the others, but they're all perfectly fine. £4 per pair. Happy to supply more close-up photos at request.
  2. What's the distance between front and rear rails of this, please?
  3. Chris Cornell, just because out of his contemporaries (Cobain, Vedder, Staley) he seemed the best equipped to handle the fame and adulation. He seemed to take it all in his stride and you'd think by the time he'd reached 40 he was 'out of the woods', so to speak. Whilst the deaths of Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley hit me hard, they weren't exactly unexpected. It's a surprise Eddie Vedder is still going strong given how close to the edge he was early in Pearl Jam's career.
  4. What about frozen concentrated orange juice?
  5. Bought a very nice Jazz bass body off Dave. Exactly as described with good despatch time and clear comms throughout. Cheers!
  6. FWIW, I use a 4 string tuned Bb, EB, Ab, C# on some songs and my pair of these cabs don't struggle at all. They are quite bassy anyway.
  7. Still got two sets of these The others I sold were the JBXN ones. I will PM you.
  8. Ceramic magnets. Loud, powerful and punchy. Set comprising of one bridge and one neck pickup. Only used for one rehearsal so pretty much immaculate. Just not the sound I was looking for. £15 posted within UK
  9. £25 posted per set (1 neck, 1 bridge) and I've got 2 sets. Only been used for a month or so. Very loud and articulate, just a bit too modern sounding for me (these are the slightly more expensive neodymium versions). Couple of slight scuffs on the covers where the mounting screws have rubbed on the way in, but otherwise pretty much as new.
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