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  1. Johnny Wishbone

    Jazz Bitsas

    It seems so, yes. Very thin satin lacquer if anything.
  2. Johnny Wishbone

    Jazz Bitsas

    They’re painted, actually. And the necks aren’t lacquered (yet).
  3. Johnny Wishbone

    Jazz Bitsas

    I think my postman is starting to dislike me. Not a huge fan of the vintage tint but at £29 for a neck with block markers I can deal with it. Still waiting for shielding tape to show up so I can continue work on the bodies.
  4. Johnny Wishbone

    Easy 12" cab build

    That’s the one I have. Certainly got my money’s worth out of it!
  5. Typical - I spend my money on something else and a Spectracomp shows up. Bugger.
  6. Are they 18mm fittings?
  7. Johnny Wishbone

    Loaded jazz body

    Bugger. 3 weeks til payday 🙁
  8. Johnny Wishbone

    Easy 12" cab build

    Yup, tee-nuts are on the way. I definitely won't be using just woodscrews!
  9. Johnny Wishbone

    Easy 12" cab build

    @Gottastopbuyinggear If you do decide to move those on I'd take them off your hands. Just about to start building this week!
  10. Johnny Wishbone

    Jazz Bitsas

    We are, that’s the problem! 😂
  11. Johnny Wishbone

    Jazz Bitsas

    Ooooh no! 😝
  12. Johnny Wishbone

    Easy 12" cab build

    Update: the wood for my pair of cabs has finally been sourced, cut to size and is being delivered tomorrow! @Phil Starr I recall you saying that the 50l cabs are still a one hand lift - is a decent quality strap handle all that’s required?
  13. Johnny Wishbone

    Where do you point your knobs?

    Same as you - pointing at the V at the top of the pickguard
  14. Johnny Wishbone

    Jazz Bitsas

    That I like! I did think about black but wasn’t sure - thanks 👍🏻 I haven’t checked, but if the black guard that came with the blue bass fits the yellow one ok that’d be a huge bonus! I’m going red tortoiseshell on the blue bass, no question.