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Johnny Wishbone

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  1. Compressor Input, Output and metering

  2. Compressor Input, Output and metering

    As soon as you light even one LED, your signal is being compressed (I think - it’s been a while since I read the M87 manual as my pedal broke recently). If you turn the input up, you are more likely to hit threshold at which the compressor kicks in. Lower the input and you won’t hit the threshold (or will hit it less).
  3. Compressor Input, Output and metering

    I adjust the input control so that I’m lighting most of the green LEDs with normal playing and hit the yellow (maybe even creep into the red) once or twice in a set when I really wallop the strings. Once that’s set, adjust the output so that your volume is roughly the same whether the pedal is on or off. Essentially the output is used to regain any volume “lost” by the compression. That’s how I understand it anyway. YMMV, of course. If you want less compression for a given ratio, just adjust the input control so that you’re lighting fewer LEDs.
  4. Bit Crushers

    tbf that clip probably isn't a fair representation of his normal playing style. It's just the one I could find with the most bit-crusher usage in it! He does use it in a lot of the "ambient" tracks he used to soundtrack his vlogs, but I'm struggling to find a decent example (probably because people keep making me do some work!). Crushers are not for everyone, that's for sure, but they're far from a one-trick pony.
  5. Bit Crushers

    Search YouTube for Janek Gwizdala (who I believe was in the above band "Nerve" at some point?). I'm not a fan of his music as such but he's clearly a very accomplished player and a big user of the aforementioned Bugbrand unit and the Iron Ether Frantabit, usually in conjunction with one of his large collection of Boss OC-2s (amongst other things).
  6. plectrum choice

    Thank you! That was really bothering me!
  7. Balanced tension strings for Drop A#?

    Not sure if this helps but I have one of my basses tuned to Bb Eb G# C# (essentially BEAD down a half-step) and my lowest string is a .135. As Bb and A# are the same note, I would suggest a .140 would be more than heavy enough. I can't speak for the other strings though as I have no experience of the tuning you are aiming for.
  8. Callouses & Touch Screen Devices

    The presumption of this issue did deter me from getting a smartphone for ages, but then I tried one and have never had any problems. Or does this mean I'm just not playing enough?
  9. Sparse basslines

    Just remembered this belter!
  10. Sparse basslines

    The verse to this track probably had more influence on me as a bassist than anything else. Why play 10 notes when one will do?
  11. Pedal board messiness

    Not cheap, but I did come across these guys recently: https://www.3monkeyssolderless.com/collections/solderless/products/dc-solderless-pedalboard-kit
  12. Fitting thicker strings

    Yeah so did I! I do use those strings on a four string tuned BEAD (I hate 5-strings but we have some songs in B) but I can’t imagine tuning them to standard pitch. I do use a 120 4th string on my “normal” basses but that’s tuned to drop C#.
  13. High Pass Filters

    Yup, that’s the one I’ve built. V2 i think.
  14. Floppy strings

    Absolute agree. I switched to these a good year or so ago and they are perfect for my band’s tunings (drop C/drop C#). I really wish they did the same set in steels though, and I don’t really understand why they don’t!