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  1. Incidentally, the reason I don't have the MXR any more (as mentioned above) is that I now have a Spectra Comp!
  2. Sorry, I no longer own the pedal to check, and I can't remember off the top of my head!
  3. Exact same for me. The shape means you also get three picks for the price of one!
  4. 91 is 'My Friend Of Misery' by Metallica. Only one I didn't get was 1998. Nicely played!
  5. All recorded remotely, mixed by a mate and edited by me. Lessons learned along the way, but a fun project all the same. Wish we'd had this idea earlier in the lockdown and we could have knocked out a couple more.
  6. Versatile delay with various different delay modes (analogue, reverse, tape, multi-tap, etc). Great on bass. Original box and manual. Perfect working order and good cosmetic condition. The indicator LED was originally in a really stupid place (hard to see on stage), so I've moved it to below the footswitch, as shown in the photos. Happy to move it back to the original position at buyer's request (obviously this will leave a small hole, to be covered with tape etc). UK postage £4. Obviously will be cleaned and packaged with appropriate anti-bacterial precautions.
  7. Made in Taiwan pink label. Perfect working order and very good cosmetic condition, with only minor scratches/wear. Works great on Bass. Original box and manual. Early 90s model (as far as I can tell). UK postage £4. Obviously will be cleaned and packaged with appropriate anti-bacterial precautions.
  8. Tiny clone of the EHX POG. So good a clone, in fact, that they had to stop making them (I believe Mooer nicked the EHX algorithms and subsequently faced a lawsuit?) This is the original mk1 version, with original box and documents. Few scratches (as shown in photos) but still good cosmetic condition and in perfect working order. Difficult to price as this version is long discontinued, but I've seen them go on eBay for £80+, so I think mine is priced fairly. UK postage £4. Obviously will be cleaned and packaged with appropriate anti-bacterial precautions.
  9. Struggling to find these anywhere other than Thomann. Strange that they don't appear to be more widely available?
  10. Bought a Helix Effects from Dave. All done and dusted with the minimum of fuss. A pleasure to deal with throughout. Thanks again 👍🏻
  11. The Stingray 5 is on "Funky Monks" and "The Righteous and the Wicked". IIRC those are the only 2 tracks on BSSM that require a 5. I'm pretty sure the Funky Monks film shows him playing "Mellowship..." on the Wal (?). Not sure about Naked in the Rain, but I seem to remember playing it on a 4 (albeit downtuned a full step, like "If You Have To Ask"), so presumably that's the Wal too?
  12. I was 13 when this happened: Life was, quite simply, never the same again.
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