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  1. Johnny Wishbone

    Entwistle JBX Pickups *SOLD*

    And replied to!
  2. Johnny Wishbone

    Feedback for Sprocketflup

    Bought a very nice Jazz bass body off Dave. Exactly as described with good despatch time and clear comms throughout. Cheers!
  3. Johnny Wishbone

    1x12" Cab Design Diary

    FWIW, I use a 4 string tuned Bb, EB, Ab, C# on some songs and my pair of these cabs don't struggle at all. They are quite bassy anyway.
  4. Johnny Wishbone

    Entwistle JBX Pickups *SOLD*

    Still got two sets of these The others I sold were the JBXN ones. I will PM you.
  5. Ceramic magnets. Loud, powerful and punchy. Set comprising of one bridge and one neck pickup. Only used for one rehearsal so pretty much immaculate. Just not the sound I was looking for. £15 posted within UK
  6. Johnny Wishbone

    Entwistle JBXN Pickups *SOLD*

    One set sold.
  7. £25 posted per set (1 neck, 1 bridge) and I've got 2 sets. Only been used for a month or so. Very loud and articulate, just a bit too modern sounding for me (these are the slightly more expensive neodymium versions). Couple of slight scuffs on the covers where the mounting screws have rubbed on the way in, but otherwise pretty much as new.
  8. Johnny Wishbone

    How was your gig last night?

    Glad they were finally able to get you on! I'll make sure I'm at the next one.
  9. Johnny Wishbone

    1x12" Cab Design Diary

    Incidentally I would add that I'm a dreadful carpenter and managed to build two of the MK1 cabs fairly easily after watching this. They really are excellent. I'm selling my Orange 4x10 as a result.
  10. Johnny Wishbone

    1x12" Cab Design Diary

    Plans are attached. Here's a video of Phil building the mk2 cab at a recent bass bash on a related thread:
  11. Johnny Wishbone

    Top 20 rock bass sounds...

    Wasn't it a Boston song? Can't remember the title though.
  12. Johnny Wishbone

    noobie question on truss rod adjustment and new strings

    Usually but not always. Some strings have higher (or lower) tension than others for a given gauge, so you won't really know for sure until you make the change. Change the strings, tune to pitch and leave overnight/a few hours. Check the neck relief and adjust the truss rod if necessary. Normally a quarter-turn or so would be enough for such a minor change in string gauge. YMMV of course.