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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. I have severe gas itch for a musicman Sterling or bongo at the moment so I am offering up a beautiful lightweight Maruszczyk 5 string ideally as a trade. I am open to a 4 or 5 string version of either. I have owned it for a couple of years and it is in great condition, with just a few marks on the bottom of the bass where it has been in its stand, there are a couple of small indents in the neck I have also tried to picture and a tiny mark near the bridge. It has an alder body with resonance chambers, flamed maple top. Hard rock maple neck and dark katalox (I’d never heard of it) fingerboard. Delano SBC pickups and 3 band eq and mini switches. Monorail bridge with 18mm string spacing. See the attached paperwork which details the specification and certificate. Not really sure on the pricing for this, but I traded it for a fender us deluxe jazz, and as I say I’m ideally looking for a trade for a musicman Sterling or bongo 4 or 5 or perhaps an Ibanez ehb or Dingwall. based near Chelmsford in Essex. any questions fire away!
  3. Sorry Dan this has now sold, I’ve updated the ad
  4. In new condition, bought for a bass I ended up selling before I changed them, so unopened apart from one.
  5. Price dropped to £360 to try to clear a bit of space for Christmas! Up for sale is my cort gb95. It’s in good condition has a nice hard case with it and is wonderful to play with a great array of power and sounds in the active eq Ideally after a straight sale but could be tempted by a trades involving a cheap precision. I’m based in Chelmsford Standard description below Cort GB95-Custom - Active 5 string custom shop bass with Spalted Maple top and Seymour Duncan pickups This amazing bass is in as brand new shape. A steal at this price. The GB Series basses are for the modern players with a leaning towards the traditional look and feel but with modern appointments and features that improve the overall performance of the instrument. SPALTED MAPLE TOP ON SWAMP ASH BODY Classic body tone wood Swamp Ash is mated with exotic Spalted Maple top to strike an ideal balance between the traditional and the modern - both in looks and in sound. SEYMOUR DUNCAN PICKUPS AND DUNCAN DESIGN BEQ-3 ELECTRONICS The GB5-Custom bass is outfitted with Seymour Duncan SJB5-3N and SMB-5D pickups along with the Duncan Design BEQ-3 EQ and Mid-Frequency switch for vast array of great bass sounds at your fingertips. NEUTRIK LOCKING OUTPUT JACK Never miss a note thanks to this locking jack. It holds your cable in if accidentally pulled. To remove your cable just push the red release button. HIPSHOT ULTRALIGHT TUNERS The GB5 Custom bass is equipped with Hipshot Ultralight Tuners (classic 20:1 tuning ratio) that is made of cast zinc with aluminum strings posts and mounting nuts, resulting in 30% weight reduction over other regular tuners and which results in improved balance and tuning accuracy. CONSTRUCTION Bolt-On CUTAWAY Double Cutaway BODY Swamp Ash Body w/ Spalted Maple Top NECK Canadian Hard Maple FRETBOARD Rosewood FRETS 22 SCALE 34"(864mm) INLAY Rectangular White Pearl TUNERS Hipshot Ultralight Tuners BRIDGE EB12(5) Bridge PICKUPS Seymour Duncan SJ5-3N & SMB-5D Pickups ELECTRONICS Duncan Designed BEQ-3 EQ & Mid-Frequency Switch HARDWARE Chrome Hardware STRINGS 5 Strings
  6. Can’t believe this has not sold yet, necks on these are awesome
  7. Up for sale or potential trade is this awesome 5 string American deluxe jazz bass, tough decision as I love playing it but wanting to go super lightweight due to function bands long gigs and dodgy back. 2011 18v active model in nicely aged white, it’s generally in good condition there are a few cosmetic battle scars which you can see in the pictures, but this just adds to the mojo in my opinion. I recently changed the pickups to Nordstrand NJ5FS a £200 upgrade which are specifically for this model, which sound great. I would be interested in any trades for lightweight basses sub 8.5lbs either 4 or 5string (this bass is ~10lbs for info) photos to follow
  8. Great basses these GLWTS You must be building up quite a collection Jack!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Wouldn’t really want to ship overseas at present as I don’t have a hard case for this
  11. I have just started playing this again, and am thoroughly enjoying it. I will check out the trim pots, thanks for the tip Wilco!
  12. I was hoping someone could help! I’m trying to fit a d tuner to my lakland Darryl jones and have bought a hipshot 1/2 HE6C, but the nut doesn’t seem to fit. Having read online that the hole in the headstock isactually metric and you can buy metric ‘nut/bushing’ which will fit. Has anyone had this issue or know where I can buy one of these?
  13. As new bought to put on my Lakland jazz but doesn’t fit, knew I should have measured it first!
  14. Yep still available, but I’m unlikely to be anywhere North of Cambridge in the near future
  15. Hi Gaucho Ideally looking for a precision but always open to any trade offers,drop me a pm phil
  16. String spacing looks to be 18mm and weight is 4kg on the cheap bathroom scales Yes this is 34”
  17. Depends what light it is in as to how deep a green it looks, probably the close shot of the front of the body
  18. Just wondered if any one knows how thomman price their Sire Marcus miller basses. An example being the P7 in white being 25% cheaper than exactly the same model in black. Seems to be similar pricing differences across the ranges
  19. Thanks it is a great bass for the money i just have gas for a precision!
  20. Looking to sell or ideally trade for a precision. A nice lightweight bass, great looker and player with a great tone to match. Its the first 5 string i have actually managed to get to grips with and feel comfortable on, but i'm enjoying 4 string too much at the moment and desperate for a precision. Active/passive switch, 2 band EQ, volume and and pickup pan. Gotoh hardware. Generally good condition little bit of tarnishing on the hardware and some chips on body and headstock but nothing major. When new around 2000 it was a high end bass. Muse fans will know that Chris Wolstenholme used the 4 string BC. Bought from Pinball off this parish i have borrowed a few photos (hope you dont mind!), but will take some more when possible. It doesnt have a case just gig bag.
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