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  1. i use windowlene it does raise the grain on bare wood but it evaporates quick and removes greasy fingerprints and its cheap.
  2. GEESUS the sight of me in a french maids outfit ,,,, i dont think so
  3. Hi all have never been to a event like this before so a few questions, do i just turn up ? is there a start and a finish time ? is there anywhere to get refreshments etc? these maybe stupid questions but i don't want to turn up at 9am and doors don't open till 12
  4. Hi jimothey yes just halfords finest paint, you dont get much in a can nowday's
  5. Hi all i am in havant nr portsmouth i am not an expert but happy to help repair guitars if needed. i have a big hammer that fixes most things......
  6. Afternoon all done a bit more today, its taken so long to do any way got it painted last week and bugger me lost all the pics but got some today of the lacquer came out quite nice, colour is VW candy white, have been looking for a decal for the head but i cant find a sound gear one just an ibanez logo i think that will have to do, ah well see if i can get a bit more of my tele done while i am waiting for the lacquer to harden, thanks for all your helpful comments and suggestion's cheers.
  7. thanks for this i am going to make one when i get a chance it will save a lot of sleepless nights wondering if the guitar is going to sound good or not and if the pickups are any good, cheers
  8. i like the tele shape that's why i wanted to have a go at building one i didn't know about all the issue's that arise just because of the shape of the body but i am determined to finish it, i am not to worried about neck dive because it will spend most of the time on the wall with the rest, as long as it makes a reasonable sound i will happy.
  9. Hi all, took your advice and moved the bridge back and re routed the neck further into the body, apart from looking better i can reach the end of the neck, made a rough template for a pick guard will decide what colour later,have got to get some shorter neck screws all the one's i have are too long and too near the fret board for my liking have just used some old one's at the moment, i haven't shaped round the neck pocket yet as i haven't decided whether to contour the body or not i am a bit worried because it was an old door i am going to expose the old pegs that used to hold the door together i put them all on the inside joints. i have some feral's for string through body but i don't know weather it's worth the extra hassle of getting another bridge will have to see how much pension i have left.
  10. Hi all, managed to do a bit today between my other jobs, finished the shape of the body around the neck pocket and routed it out, have got to tweek it a little to make it fit perfect, decided to go for a fender type bridge and a p/j pickup config, don't know whether to bind the body or round of the edge's i am sure you will help me choose, also colour i thought a nice light shade off green or pale yellow,
  11. Thanks, shame about the top veneer though its a shame to cover it up.
  12. Hi all manged to do a bit today, rubbed the body down with 120 grit to find all the low spots and dings filled all the holes rubbed it down filled some more rubbed it down then rubbed it down some more and so on and on, ready for primer now, cant decide what colour to do it any suggestions ? cheers just gonna put some plasters on my fingers.
  13. spent a few hot hours in the shed today undid the clamps all looked not to bad, trimmed the inserts and gave it a quick rub over just to tidy it up, forgot about the screw holes in the side i drilled them out and glued in some dowels. Not looking to bad. Sorry the pics are not in the right order.
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