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  1. Hi all, cant believe 2 months has gone since i last had time to play with this, i had some spare time yesterday to get out in the shed and have a look at the project i cut the body out and tidied it up, today i done a bit of sanding and i thought about some of the previous comments about neck dive so on and pickup position and fret access. I did a few measurements and came to the conclusion that it would probably be unplayable up the high end so i was going to scrap it, but then i thought f_ _ k it i dont play in a band in fact i cant play at all but it might look alright so what pickup configuration shall i have any comments to help me make up my mind would be appreciated,
  2. Hello from Havant . theirs a jazz bass copy on facebook marketplace for 70 quid its on hayling island, i whant it but misses says NO.
  3. thanks for advice and comments all are very appreciated, nothing is set out yet i haven't even taken any measurements neck and pups are just placed on there to see if i like what the bass will look like, have lots to think about like colour or stain or oil do i put binding on it, too much to think about.
  4. thanks for the advice itu its all a bit trial and error at this stage, i thought there may be a bit of neck dive so i have gone for a heavy ish bridge, i am also going to round off the neck pocket to help reach the frets but like rikki sixx says i dont play that far up the neck
  5. Hi all, out of hibernation and back in the shed, decided to have another go at building a bass, i have some wood from an old door and a Chinese neck and some old pickups, so here we go, i have decided to build a telecaster shaped body with a jazz neck, your comments and advice gratefully received.
  6. it sounds luvly Christine even though it has no tone control, but my black output socket has arrived so I will fit that and check out the wiring and tone pot, I put a set of cheap flat wound strings on it too, I am digging a new pond in the garden and its taking a lot of my time but the next wet day we have ill be out doing it.
  7. that's the stupid phone the battery was flat so the flash and the focus didn't work, well that's my excuse and I am sticking to it lol. But the fingerboard has been painted over with a blackboard type paint, it sands down alright but its messy.
  8. Hi everyone, I bought a cheap bass Sunday for parts or maybe another build, its a spider bass ? never heard of them. Anyway it has pups and tuners a bridge the neck has been very poorly converted to fretless, the body is a plywood thing that has been butchered in the neck pocket, I thought about re fretting it but ive never done that before but it hasn't cost anything yet so nothing to lose, this is were you come in what fret wire do I buy ? this may not happen depending on the state of the neck, it has been filled in the slots with a softish filler so it might clean up without to much hassle because I haven't got a fret cutting saw. I have an old front door that I took apart to make a body but I wont start that until I sought the neck out, ideas and criticism gratefully received.
  9. that's kind of you to say so thanks, I wired it up to fast I didn't think to hard about it I was like a kid with a new toy, you know what it like,
  10. good evening all had a look at the lacquer today (impatient) and decided it was hard enough to work on so I put it back together, have a couple of issues like I cocked up the wiring, the tone is like another volume I must of put a wire wear it shouldn't be ill check it out later, I have to fit a black jack socket when it comes so ill check the wiring then. On the hole I am very pleased how it turned out sounds luvly with them flats on don't know about the tone lol,
  11. you do like your checks don't you
  12. you must of read my thoughts, I thought it would look bute ford st orange with black hardware
  13. that's really kind thank you but I haven't got any thing to print yet. I just printed my name to see if it worked well you know the outcome of that LOL, I am sure my neighbour has a printer he is the kind of bloke who has all the top tech, thanks again for the offer
  14. that's my problem I never read the instructions
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