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  1. Hmmm, an Ashdown CTM 30 through an Ampeg 410he, giggable for small/medium pub gigs with no PA support?

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    2. Roger2611


      I used a 30 watt rated Ashdown Little Bastard with my Markbass 2x10 and 1x15 cabs for a single gig, I found it was nowhere near loud enough and switched back to the Markbass head at half time, I have to say I was disappointed as we were much liked by pub landlords as a decent covers band who didn't play too loud! So the fact it couldn't even manage a pretty restrained covers band gig in an estate pub meant it was not going to be any good at all for bigger gigs

      The amp went back the following day!

    3. TJ Spicer

      TJ Spicer

      If you don't mind it being gritty it may do the job. You probably want more like a 50w amp to not sweat about it though. T

    4. goonerjoe


      Like Roger2611, I tried using my LB30 on a few gigs but it was nowhere near loud enough. I have a CTM100 (for sale on this very forum) that does the job admirably though.


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