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  1. ADGCFBb? I'd be going .140/.110/.85/.70/.50/.40 for a tradeoff between tension and thickness in my opinion.
  2. I used to use a .145 on a 5 string stingray for Ab, G or occasionally Gb. The tension was fine except it was a little floppy on the Gb.
  3. I would assume they are as the name implies Vintage modified - Like a vintage instrument that has been tweaked or upgraded throughout the years in an effort to keep it somewhat up to date, like an affordable "best of both worlds" Classic Vibe - A modern version of a classic instrument, modern production methods, but vintage specs, again, a different "best of both worlds" But as I've never played either I could be totally wrong.
  4. What would the total price be including shipping to Ireland?
  5. Well, this week I picked it up. This is the first new instrument I've bought in close to 20 years, having wheeled and dealed in used gear for a long time. I must say that I'm impressed with the build quality. I love the fact the back of the neck is satin, as I've been moving away from sticky glosses for the past while. After a quick setup, I've got it close to where I want it. It's a little raspy in places but I'm sure with a bit of tweaking that will pass. Sound wise it falls somewhere between my stock 2004 MIM P and my Parts Jazz (with 75RI pickups). It certainly sounds warmer and less aggressive than my P. I'm not blown away when the Jazz pickup is soloed, but the P soloed, both on full, or the jazz backed off a little is to my liking. This is all just going straight into my DAW and back on headphones mind, as I'll be trying it in rehearsal later this week. The only slight concern I have is the G saddle is pulling down a bit (as in to the floor in playing position) but I'm considering swapping the stock bridge on my P to a high mass, so I may do it here too. I'm also itching to try GZR's on my P so I may put a set in this too. Another touch I really like is the headstock. It just has "Fender" and "Jaguar Bass" on it. Very minimal and elegant. All in all, I'm happy. I figured I'd be doing some modding, so I'm not disappointed. I'll give it a honeymoon first though. Now a couple of pics, including one with my P for comparison.
  6. Absolutely loving the pics guys, so envious.
  7. I guess it's definitely the Classic 50's P for me then, and I'd remove a layer of the gloss from the neck. I'm not a fan of glossy necks, nor do I like the overly orange look of the neck on the Lacquer P, and I see no sense in paying an extra few hundred quid for the Roadworn look, just to get the neck I like, when I can just take some sandpaper to the Classic. Plus I love the 2T sunburst.
  8. Nice! I love a good black & maple, and she's a beauty. I'm a little confused by the difference between the Lacquer variant and the standard 50's reissue. Does it refer to the lacquer on the neck?
  9. I never had the chance to try out one of these until recently, but now I see why so many rave about it. The weight, neck profile and fret size tick all my boxes. it's the spec I never knew I wanted. I could take or leave the roadworn look, so the standard classic is a bit easier on the pocket (by about 500 quid!) I don't need one right now, but someday I'm gonna own one. (in sunburst) So, MIM 50's reissue owners, show me your basses so I can live vicariously through you!
  10. So, I've been casually looking around for one of these Jags since I started this thread. during my searches, I've found them to be fairly rare. This variation wasn't that popular, and the white even less so. I couldn't import from the US due to cites, and there didn't seem to be any in Europe. So I'm casually browsing the site of a local shop a few weeks back, and there one is. The exact one I'm looking for. New old stock. Yesterday I went and checked it out and he's had it in stock for about a year (he claims) despite it having a 2015 serial number. It played and sounded pretty well, but will need a setup tweak to suit my style. He wanted €799 for it, but when I countered with the fact that the new player series were at a €749 RRP and this is essentially "last years model" he didn't argue when I offered him €700 for it. I popped a holding deposit on it and will pick it up when I scrape together the rest of the cash. It's exactly the one I was looking for and I think he was glad to finally sell it. So now that I own two white basses (I already have a 2005 standard P) can I still really say that I don't like white basses?
  11. It's actually not a switch, just a pick stuck in the pickguard. I just assumed a band of that stature would choose MIA's. Not that there's anything wrong with MIM's mind.
  12. Interesting. The reason I ask is that the current touring bassist for ghost is using what looks to be a MIM jag in white. I'm quite surprised it's not MIA
  13. Was there ever a MIA version exactly like the one I pictured above? with no switching?
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