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  1. Well that facebook page is a.....wild ride.
  2. Just grabbed my bottle of hand sanitizer (70% isopropyl alcohol) and it did the trick! Thanks!
  3. A previous owner of my 2005 Mexican standard P seemed to be embarrassed about the basses country of origin and attempted to cover the "made in Mexico" on the front of the headstock with marker. It's never really bothered me until recently and I'd like to remove it without removing anything else, if possible Has anyone any recommendations?
  4. I used 400 grit, followed by 0000 steel wool. Just removed a light layer as I didn't have anything to finish the neck with. But I'm considering going the whole hog now. I just have to get some gunstock wax.
  5. Based on me trying it out. Sure I loved how it played, the fact that it was roadworn didn't really matter to me, apart from the feeling in the back of the neck. It's not a 1400 quid bass in my opinion, it's a 1k bass, tops. I could buy a vintera and go at it with some steel wool and save myself 500 quid.
  6. Because I've seven basses, can't afford another, don't have the room and there's nothing I own I want to part with right now to pay for it.
  7. The roadworn P has been discontinued for at least a year now I think. A shop close to me has a sunburst languishing on the rack for the past 2+ years at €1399, which I think is over priced. They're a great bass and I'd love to own one, but they're not worth more than 1k in my opinion.
  8. I've always liked the look of these, but never seen one in the flesh.
  9. You're bang on. It's €15k or about GBP13k
  10. So if a 66 P has an asking of GBP6250, anyone want to hazard a guess at what the asking on this 59 is? (I know, I just want to see if any of you guys get close) https://www.someneckguitars.com/collections/featured/products/fender-precision-bass-1959
  11. Are both basses stock? Same necks? Same country of origin? Same era? Nothing really wrong with either but knowing more about each bass would help narrow down the difference.
  12. Looks like a Dimarzio model P, a great replacement pickup. I've got them in two of my basses.
  13. Funny you should say that, I have two more basses that I left off this shootout: 2005 MIM Standard P with Dimarzio Model P 2015 MIM Standard Jaguar (my profile pic) with stock PJ pickups. Perhaps they'd be better to do along with my Jazz? All three are tuned DGCF (well the P is CGCF, but close enough)
  14. Damn, both you guys got it spot on! It wasn't even a challenge! The red herring was the Jazz, it's tuned DGCF so the riff was played at the 2nd position rather than open.
  15. Yes, I had the 5 string version of that.
  16. Same shape and finish but not the version I had.
  17. Just reminiscing this morning instead of doing work about past basses I've owned. One was a Status Shark 5 string. It was passive, one pickup, plastic pickup cover, black pickguard, natural finish. The reason I mention all those details is when I google search this bass, I never seem to find photos of it in that config. I owned it for a couple of years circa 1998-2000, and the only reason I sold it on was because I was playing both 4 and 5 in an originals project, and my 4 was my Stingray 3EQ (which I still own) and I wanted consistent tone across both my basses, so I bought a Stingray 5. I remember it fondly and would love to see one, or possibly buy one again, but I think they've become rare. Does anyones else own one, or ever owned one?
  18. *FIVE WAY BLINDFOLD BASS TEST* I present to you, five basses from my collection. But which one is which? Answer in the comments below. All basses were recorded direct with no processing and no input gain changes, this is the raw sound from each bass. They're all strung with roundwounds, and to my knowledge are all stainless steel. All volumes and tones are full, or pickup blends favouring both pickups, or Eq centred. The basses are: A. 1998 Musicman Stingray H 3EQ maple neck (active) B. Circa 1980 Westbury Track 2 with Dimarzio Model P and Hipshot Supertone bridge C. Parts Jazz made from Japanese Geddy Lee body, Allparts Maple neck, 75RI pickups and Hipshot Kickass bridge, mid to late 2000's D. 2015 Harley Benton B650 6 string (active) Black Walnut fretboard E. Parts bass consisting of Squier P Bass special body (PJ config) and Harley Benton neck (unknown fretboard wood, unknown year) One bass has a slight red herring going on, see if you can spot it. Kudos if you do. Comment on which sounds nicest to you also! So which one is which? GO! bass_test.mp3
  19. My band has a rule: If Ghost have already done it, so can we and it aint cheating!
  20. All Ghost songs I've come across while learning them so far are in DCGF, apart from Mummy Dust which is in CGCF. The great thing about Ghost is there's a huge cosplay scene built up around them, so costumes and masks aren't that hard to source.
  21. Thanks for all the replies. Good to see that the overall opinion on the bass is positive. I had my suspicion it would be that way, but as I'm going to order online I wanted people's hands on experience. For context here's the Old standard Jag he was using and the current Jazz. Not sure if the Jazz is a player.
  22. Ghost. Poppy metal with a faux satanic image. Huge following. Over 30 tribute acts worldwide.
  23. I play in a tribute act, and the act we tribute has changed from using a Standard Jag to a Jazz with maple neck and I'm considering doing the same. I like the Jag, but I've a decent collection and I've no real emotional attachment to it. It was bought to use in this band, and that's it's only job. I could probably offload the Jag and get a Player Jazz without having to spend too much money. I already own a Jazz that I built from parts so I'm no stranger to them, (but it's the wrong colour for this band) but I am a stranger to the Player series. I've not tried a Player Jazz yet so I'm asking any owners here to chime in with their opinions, especially Polar white/maple neck owners!
  24. The neck profile, radius, width and fretwire will be completely different on the roadworn compared to the deluxe so the dimensions are not exactly the same. That may have some bearing on your opinion.
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