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  1. looking for a trade with a precision at the moment.
  2. Me and the lull are both located in France, I have PM'ed you with more details
  3. still available and open for trades.
  4. thx for providing me the explanation.
  5. Hi Guys, don't know why but Price in the title cannot be changed...? Correct price I am willing to advertised is the same as elsewhere (i.e 2500 euros) Whoever could explain me how to change that advertised price would be welcome as Edit or advance edit do not offer such option. Cheers,
  6. don't believe it is still there at such a price!!! those lull's are outstanding basses.
  7. got some interest and interesting trade offers, but nothing that was really pushing me to sale it. so still available 🙂
  8. that's a sweat one, too bad it is a fiver. pricing is right for such a beast, it is just the market that is slow nowadays...
  9. Lovely one. looking for a straight sale or a trade?
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