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  1. Binky and bunny Mckenzie, brother duo musicians any news of their existence dead or alive ? from what I can find great bassist but got put in jail for murder , any body know more back ground ?
  2. Yes another great player , saw him showing his groove on tv program rock school ( remember that ) back in the day RIp Mr Shakespeare.
  3. Great bass playing, a one example to set a playing standards Graham maby lots of skill playing notes pulling down the fore finger , and dampen open notes with thumb over the top , Just pure skill and pleasure , … I am giving up !
  4. When I say sting is a genius, maybe I should have put the word modern in front. judging by people’s reactions, modern day genius being a more apt calling , but bearing in mind of stings longevity being band or solo works if you take a look at the number of songs produced over the last three /four decades I don’t see another artist musician coming even close to his success , please don’t put u2 / or cold play as a comparison , (no discredit to them ) but with one quoted song (just one ) every breath you take, being the most played song 🎵 the 21 century alone without counting countless other songs that have been either number 1 s or massive charting memorable hits ,so for the life of me can’t think of many or any up and coming bands dead or alive quite measure up the his ability-or quality output of sting , so yes a modern day genius at the very least and counting , and most of all a home breed talent from uk should be celebrated , but hey it’s only an opinion. But a valid point one .
  5. Yes I think stu was a bit of a thug in those days and sting definitely from his looks at times took a beating , but stu eased up when he realises actually he’s pretty good , better not cut off my nose here ! but all in jest I think it’s clear that individually all members of the police had something of a great talent to bring to the table in their own special ways .
  6. Ha ha glad we got past the money thing , yes would agree he has a tendency to be a bit of knob head, well on more the a few occasions , and now here lives but a 1000 yards away from me in Battersea, I should remind him of this should I ever bump into him , only after I’ve shook his hand and hand a quick chat about Roxanne 😂
  7. Well all I am saying or trying to get across is he’s a talent and is to be celebrated and not to be judged solely by his wealth , as often it’s the primary point to any discussion about sting after all my point is aimed to recognise his bass playing ability and not that he’s got 106 bank accounts ,or sliced bread .
  8. Well love him or hate him sting with his side kick dom Miller discuss there latest venture on YouTube talking to Rick Beato : some people often disregard sting as a pompous git , but he really is a modern day genius , his ability to write a 3 minute pop tune is amazing , but even he has come to the conclusion that music has hit the wall , but with his ever evolving talent and his quest to push himself to the next level and constant changing of the guard he has tried to make himself relevant . So for that alone I wish people would give him a break and stop starting sentences multimillionaire sting with personal fortune £300 million ! Yes he’s rich beyond comprehension and why not he’s works hard , yes that’s right hard. so base his success on his ability to do something not just well but to an amazing standard , check out his dedication to evolve to find the next big thing , Rick and dom have witnessed something quite special and I agree with them , sting is a modern day genius . Pj
  9. Nice clip Jj and boys 👍
  10. Different girls ending bass part , and i am the man are great bench marks to master your bass skills and a perfect display of Graham’s skills and how bass is the the most important drive within the band ,and an important part of bass is recognising these great snippets for showing what standards are required to be a player .
  11. Yep great great bassist he’s the man !
  12. With all the world losing it’s head and music being a place for comfort, I though it would be a good subject to look back at some bassists for playing inspiration that might inspire a younger generation to pick up and start playing , the bassist I would like to big up is Graham’s maby a truly gifted bassist , check him out , any more suggestions for players that could put a new spin different approaches to playing rgds pj
  13. Nice like the green 👍well done
  14. Can’t agree more , it’s just the way I see it your spot on , cut the heads off tall Poppy’s , when will we see a new super group come again , once the mechanical royalties are divid equal you will see creativity and bang its there good songs not one or two to carry a whole album but multiple Albums of talent , but until then we will have to revert to golden oldies !
  15. When bands start out say a 4-5 piece set up , often or not they are not accomplished musically and most admit they find themselves on the way but as a collective with input from all members , normally weed out the weaker contributors, therefore once the tracks start getting laid down the singer or frontman in most cases takes lead and all the glory , and sometimes a stand out good looking member gets a look in , but if raw talent is to shine I think it’ should be split more in equal terms ,this for me should be the band’s manager job to control as a whole concept , because the lyrics maybe good but it could also be bass riff or drums that make the song stand out so there contributed input is just as crucial , so once the singer leaves you just can pick up with someone else it’s just not the same song , but also this happens I (quote) the band was so much better when he was on bass ! So for me I don’t like the song writer getting the lion share , on the basis the the music comes for within the band , hence longevity with bands that share !
  16. Agreed it’s good for everyone you get the best out them as the means to an end
  17. I think when a lyricist claims the royalties for a song it should be drawn up from the very beginning in a binding contract, most bands starting out relatively unknowns going onto major success always fall into the same trap where one member claims to be the (star) then splinter up , when all members are contributed to the bands overall success, take the police as prime example not taking away sting is an incredible singer songwriter and you can’t knock his bass playing skills , play bass / sing / and jumping around at same time not easy and how many artists can do that ! , but there’s always a big but , (greed ) alway gets in the way money has no smell , but let’s not get to sad for Andy and Stuart with £60 million and £ 90 million each in the bank what more does a man want , recognition , we know how your are Andy Stuart nothing left to prove , just enjoy life it’s short !!!
  18. The great msn speaks , He’s coming through too you subliminal message ha ha
  19. Mr Rodgers is indeed a fine vocalist , and his voice has barely changed , but I have a distaste for his credentials as regards to being a leader of the band and he clearly has issues for claiming top spot in bands with giving little credit to Andy Fraser , I have read and looked , tons of footage for the past 40 years and Andy’s accounts do not differ in the slightest but Rodgers claims he said this he said that but Andy’s version was the same 100% of the time as for as writing songs etc. as egos go I think Rodgers had the problems not Fraser as he never mentioned him as if he did not exist , like rod Stuart disingenuous never mentions plonk or Steve Marriott just used as a platform , hence the bands break ,however your right nobody can hold a candle to him voice wise just a shame it’s all about me attitude and Andy has only a small credit but he’s really was the real brains of free ! Just my opinion 😊👍
  20. Yes thats it , like you , I also feel the bass humming along and from that moment you just want a bass , but it seems even higher standard professional bassist can’t quite get his sound of his playing just flows so good , and personally I don’t think it’s just his gear it’s the man himself that was so good , that’s what I see maybe I am wrong but you certainly hit the nail on the head how bass gets inside to your soul before the other instruments have same impact 😊
  21. Yes you so right , I think once free came to my ears you just can’t forget that sound , and it shows that when a band forms and and gels that well they can do amazing stuff , sadly short lived but a lasting impact , and most of all I think people who understand how Andy’s playing was so incredibly good really understand music and just get it , 👍
  22. Lots of people are always waxing lyrical about flea , mark king , Louis Johnson , Stanley Clark , jack Bruce , jaco so on and so forth ,whilst these bassist are highly praised and worthy , little or no fuss is made of the late great Andy Fraser , former free bassist lyricist . Being a fan of his playing for many years his sound and style of playing is so clever and melodic not only carries the beat but on occasion takes the bass to another level as a lead instrument, with himself paying tribute to binky mckenzie as a driving force to becoming a better player after soaking up his influence, when you hear him lay down bass lines from such a young age of 15 and making such sophisticated recordings of a mature standard, it makes you wonder how many 15 year olds to today could muster these sort of skills , answers… not many . so what I am saying is simple this is a life skill of shear intelligence as a bassist he is so over looked for such a innovative style , dare I say more famous bassist get all the credits , so I am putting out there a bassist is not all about slap slap slap yes of course I love it as well , but don’t pass by and forgot the lesser spoke about genius that was mr Andy Fraser , check him out and pass on the word for the next bassist talent to see how it’s done . Pj
  23. Thx this helps greatly ikay thanks for your input kind regards pj
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