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  1. Try to contact Jerold Tierres on Talkbass, he is a source of knowledge and may be the right person for your question, as he formerly worked for Ampeg. He is a true gent and a nice person to communicate with. For 6550 you should choose Svetlana winged C, they are ...aaahm...'god'
  2. All the best for you and your marriage! And good luck for the sale, nice bass
  3. Hello fellow Basschatters, Yesterday i bought this cab, with little information concerning age, but the price 'forced' me to buy it anyway, You know one 810 is never enough What i have got: Previous owner says 'bought second hand years ago' Serial is 167591 I will pick up the cab on christmas eve, it is located near my mothers home, So it no real road trip to get it, but for now it is 400km in distance. Maybe one of you guys is able to date that cab with this little information? I wonder about the serial, if i am right this cab is ooold and doesn't only look like it Help would be great, thanks in advance. For those who only read the thread, Merry christmas to you in advance
  4. Notifications by mail with "for sale" in combination with "si" always causes some multiple little heartaches, fainting and a very fat smile after all Good luck si
  5. After some 'Research' which would have made Sherlock Holmes jealous, i found an interesting thread, where Tony Levin as the 'input' and some other Pros compare several DI with an actice MM of Tony and a passive 62 Stack knob Fender Jb. There are also all soundfiles recorded listed, so you can get your personal impression. It is interesting and maybe could be a good information for you as well. So here it is http://prorecordingworkshop.lefora.com/2012/04/10/di-test-at-dreamland-this-weekend/ Interesting about the GT the Brick is, that this is one of the things Lee Sklar uses in every situation, which could count as a recommendation, from a guy which records that much. ( found in an interview with Lee Sklar)
  6. Hello Gents, I really love my Ampeg SVTDI Tube Di, which is in my oppinion one of the best Di's , unfortunately rare to find. My previous Di was an Avalon U5, which is with no doubt amazing as well, But both were really near soundwise from quality, the U5 was more brilliant and with more details in tone, but i prefered the warm and rich tone of the Ampeg, as i a/b'ed both and sold the U5. Now back to the question, did someone of you had the possibilty to compare the Ampeg SVTDI with a Groove Tubes the Brick? Someone like to share his experience? That would be great, thanks in advance
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  9. Wow..nice one. Good luck for the sale
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  11. Thanks guys. That richter strap is almost what i am looking for..but honestly..155GBP for a strap is sick, too sick That was the reason why i spread my tentacles for an alternative to those. That tan my hide guy makes a great work, very interesting and traditional. I will have a look further on..ifi find one, i will keep you posted Thanks so far for your inputs
  12. Dear mates, I have a special leather strap in my mind, which i try to find somewhere out there, you may have a hint Where to find that, maybe in your country. - It should have roundabout 8cm in width - brown leather - and some kind of pattern on it used on e.g. western riding, rodeo saddles, stitched or carved in Knowing, that this might be a long shot, but i have to give it a try here Thanks for any help i might receive Cheers
  13. Free bump for a great amp! Good luck for your sale
  14. I recently bought a very beautiful 5 string mexican Fender Jazzbass. There is just one thing to complain..those cheap gotoh tuners So i am thinking about replacing those ugly gotoh tuners with some hipshot ultralights. As i am not a man with a great toolbox...it is not meant metaphorical;)..how do i know which will be the right ones? 1/2 or 1/8? Does anyone knows where to get them for a reasonable price? In germany i have to pay 33,- GBP each, which will be 165 GBP for the set. Or is that just the lemon i have to bite in? Thanks in advance for your kind help
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