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  1. No we sit there for hours and it's very hands on... But haven't studied with Tom but my tutor is a recent graduate of royal academy and recently joint the bass section of London Philharmonia. He's a friend Aswell as he teaches me too. He's to busy to teach but only does it cos I'm commited and wanting to go to the academy too.. So yeah worth a try I do enjoy tons Bottesini albums!
  2. Worth doing it... Moderatley priced too anything is worth a try... But with regards to the bow me and my tutor spend about 4hours with our lessons doing a lot of weighted bow playing against pressed playing etc... I do have an amazing tutor at the moment!
  3. ...Going to keep it constructive and recommend the blues in 12 keys - will be a great start on your jazz adventures... Good luck
  4. In what way does that take time ?! It's lesson books used by everyone who plays jazz he can start off at vol 1 and progress with transcription books... But hey what did I know
  5. Jamey Aebersold backing tracks... all 106 books... Learn them... you'll be fine...
  6. Might be an idea of focusing on triads of each chords and how they relate to each other. Then add their extensions above the triads. But always try to be musical.
  7. Fat goggle - you got a bazin played one very nice! Where you buy and how much pm details
  8. You Only live once. YOlo... Mr Bryant does throw a spanner in your ideal thoughts on these "Bespoke" basses... It's the Luthiers choice... [url="http://bryantbasses.co.uk/materials"]http://bryantbasses.co.uk/materials[/url] A Bryant is nothing Special... its a bass that makes an okay sound... nothing desirable... From my experience my sound opens up in changes in technique and really implementing straight bows and paying attention to tension free body... However there are ways to make a bass open up more by playing closer to the bridge with a bow relaxing the weight of the arm into the bow and drawing the sound out from the bass unlike pressing the bow into the bass creating that awful screech... Oh yeh, Powder rosin yo... It's da bomb...
  9. I always go with stringzone ubassman pretty cheap and free P+P They're very common in orchestras and I think they're great! they work and inexpensive...
  10. no problem Daf, Well i could start a thread for trials with the 140B's = ) Can't wait to try these bad boys!
  11. You can use white spirit on the fingerboard to clean it.
  12. Innovation 140B is going to be my next purchase
  13. I've set a goal and I reach them no matter what. That's all. If you're really that interested I'll let you know when I get in. Auditioning in December 2014 -F
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