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  1. Hi Dave, yes, there is something afoot... I’m not sure how much I can say, but something fairly solid has happened which, if all goes well, should put Innovation on a solid foundation for the future... I’m away for a few days, but when i get back I’ll check with the company and see if I can be a bit more specific... 👍
  2. Hi Will, yep, that is absolutely true - they’re currently in talks to sort something... i have some in stock if you’d still like a set - Basschat discount of course! I’ll pm you my details in case you’re interested. cheers, Daf:)
  3. Hi attackbass, Thanks very much for the comment and for trying my strings! Sorry I’m a bit late with the reply, but I trust you’ve got them ok by now, in which case I hope you’re enjoying them... f not and you’re having a problem, then please let me know as I have some in stock.👍 cheers, Daf
  4. Oops!! “Good to know you’re still around” - Doh!! so sorry, but hey, what’s 18 months between friends! 🤣 It’s probably a moot point now! - but i do have some guages lying around somewhere so I’ll take a look... though as a guide, they're a bit heavier than the silvers and definitely not as thick; but still lighter and thicker than most metal wound strings... better late than never.,. 😬 cheers, Daf 😊
  5. Totally agree, I've been getting pretty p!ssed off with things not being done or made properly recently - it seems like a very high percentage of what I 've bought in the last year or so has either had to go back, or there's been a problem with delivery - even the thomann order for strings I put in after the stringbusters grief took 10 days to get to me! - not Thomann's fault at all, I might add - it had got from Germany to within 10miles of my home by the following day. Then Parcelforce decided to try and destroy the package... 😖 On the subject of Stringbusters I should have posted earlier, but just to say that my refund did arrive a couple of days after I spoke to them.
  6. Hi Hugh, hope all's well, it's been a while! To be honest I haven't got a clue what you've got there!!😳😆 They could be earlier prototypes though - we went through a lot of wierd and wonderful silk colours trying to differentiate between the different versions... Either that or you're actually playing on 4 A strings... 😆
  7. Hi All, I hope this is ok with the mods as it's kind of answering a question - The Polychromes are now available! I won't say any more as I don't want to push my luck on the site's advertising regulations... but if anyone wants any more info please just ask! Cheers, Daf P.S. Hi Scott, So sorry I missed your question - I've not been around here for a while! Hope all's well with you
  8. Hi all, I had the same problem with an order from a couple of weeks ago... Today, I thought I'd try ringing them one more time before escalating things with paypal... and someone answered! We had a good chat and he explained that there have been some family problems dating back to November last year (though he did ask me not to elaborate), but he was very apologetic and reiterated a number of times that it didn't make any difference what the problems were, and that it wasn't good enough. I told him that I'd now ordered elsewhere and he promised to sort the refund today or tomorrow. We all go through bad stuff at some point in our lives, so I cut him some slack! The upshot is that I don't think any of this is malicious and with a bit of luck people will find things being sorted for them soon. Hope that's of some help/comfort!
  9. +1 for the warwick thumb NT, played mine for 25 years! EDIT! As RedRedX has mentioned, the AGC EQ01 is superb for fretless - should have mentioned that there is one fitted to my warwick! you can hear it here if it helps... (direct into desk) [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEcaVg13FF8"]https://www.youtube....h?v=jEcaVg13FF8[/url]
  10. Hi Ikay, No, I'm afraid that all the Picato lines are stopping (bar Innovation double bass strings)... The end of the line for a piece of British (Welsh!) musical history.
  11. [quote name='Happy Jack' timestamp='1450438340' post='2932784'] Someone had better tell Gollihur then ... [/quote] Yeh, thanks Happy Jack - we're on it!
  12. or perhaps just really new in town? it does say he's Italian...
  13. Hi Chaps, Sorry I've been silent on this, but things have been so up in the air over production recently that I wanted to wait until a decision had been made. Anyway, I can now confirm (we actually only found out yesterday) that, though the main factory is closing (which produced all the Picato brand products as well as strings for some well known names) [b]Innovation production will be continuing at a new site[/b]. There'll be a short break while all the machinery is moved but things should start to get back to normal towards the end of January. And as Dad3353 said, yes the factory has been flat out filling orders, so there should be enough sets flying around the dealers to cover the break in production. On a personal note I must say I'm rather relieved, because the prototype set that I've spent nearly 5 years working on (now called Polychromes) is ready to go and it looked like it was going to sink without trace... Cheers! Daf
  14. Hi Joey, I do have a Schack which does look quite similar so it may have been that that you saw But just to set the record straight, AFTER THE WAY THEY KEPT ME HANGING AROUND AND THEN RIPPED ME OFF A FEW YEARS AGO, THERE'S NO WAY ANYONE WILL EVER SEE ME PLAYING ONE OF THEIR BASSES!! Daf
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