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  1. The area of 1 x 110 ( 9.5 cm2 ) is 1 1/2 times that of 2 x 64 pipes ( 6.5 cm2 ) Is this how it handles more power ?

    A 110 will fit, if I move the speaker down a few mm, but it will be close to the edge - around 12 mm. Or I could put the port in the back ? Or I could use four 50 mm pipes which will fit in the front ?

  2. The original box had ports. Maybe I'll try harder this time. 

    Is there a formula for calculating the diameter and length ?

    Also, wiring. I'm using a peavey minimega, with 2 speaker connections ( parallelled ? ), and pairing with an ATS cab which also has 2 connections. Do I just run one cable from each amp outlet to each speaker ? Does that then split the power between the 2 cabs so they only take half the amp output each ?




  3. So I'm going to use Phil's cab design, but change the dims slightly to suit the size I want, being 348 wide x 440 high x 300 deep internal. This gives 46 litres, less a bit for the speaker itself ( as advised by Phil ).  I'll work that out tomorrow. 

  4. So I may not get the 400 w out of it, but I am going to proceed anyway. I have decided the size, and how to make it.

    I have asked Mr Fleabag to add some comments, as I have just read his 15" speaker cab build.

    I tried Bill F, but no reply. 

    I will need help with sourcing 'tuff cab' & edge protection later.

    Where can I get the ports ?

    I can do a diary if that's normal ?

  5. Dear Mr Bag. I have just read this post with much interest, and congratulate you on your build.

    I started a post recently - 'cabinet build - from scratch'. Could you please look at that, and maybe help me with some answers ?


  6. 58 minutes ago, Mottlefeeder said:

    Eminence provide speaker design details for most of their speakers, but you have to go to that speaker page to get to them.

    For your unit they offer this - http://www.eminence.com/pdf/Delta_12A_cab.pdf

    In a large box, it goes deep, but has limited power handling (2.5 cu ft / 60Hz / 50W). In a smaller box, it handles more power, but does not go as deep (1.35 cu ft / 78Hz / 100W or 0.75 cu ft / 100Hz / 200W).

    It might work in a monitor wedge, but not very well as a bass guitar speaker.



    thanks for finding that. I found the spec sheet, but couldn't find anything about a cab for it. But it's a 400 w speaker ? 

  7. So a few years ago I bought an Eminence Delta 12A, 400 w at 8 ohm, and made a box for it, as shown. Never used it, so thought I would now build a proper cab for it.

    I have some 20 mm ply, and the size I need it to be. It's gonna be vented, and I've asked Eminence for their recommendations on this.

    I am seeking suggestions for covering, and grille material.


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