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  1. [quote name='4stringslow' timestamp='1461766935' post='3037444']
    These tribute things make me smile. Why not make them while they are still alive to show real appreciation to the person concerned? Waiting until they're dead makes it more of a statement about themselves rather than the object of their supposed tribute. A bit like people making the effort to go to funerals to say how much they loved the deceased and what a great person they were - well you know what, the deceased might have preferred to hear that while they were actually alive. When they're dead is doesn't matter to them what you say or do. Bah!

    Quite right.

  2. Hi all. Does it matter which order I connect pedals in ? I only have 4 ( so far ). A Soundblox pro multi distortion, a Mooer Funky Monkey & a Shim Verb, and a ( really well made ) Darkglass Duality. Richard

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