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  1. [quote name='TheButler' post='552861' date='Jul 27 2009, 04:45 PM']Edit: Witty/facetious/etc. remarks that i can work into my replying e-mail will be much appreciated [/quote] 'I appreciate your honesty, openess and candour. You have helped me out of a tricky situation as i found i was starting to develop an emotional attachment to one of the band. I wont say who to spare his blushes but i think he was starting to return my affections. I kept catching his eye while we were playing and im sure the little winks and knowing smiles werent just him saying 'nice playing Butler'. My 'gaydar' was pinging full on. With time it could have grown into something stronger im sure but im not ready for that yet until ive got the latest outbreak under control. Im not sure its contagious but when i gave you the money for the last rehearsal and bought that round theres a small chance i could have passed it on' ?
  2. [quote name='TheButler' post='552843' date='Jul 27 2009, 04:38 PM']I'll copy/paste the e-mail here, don't care if they see it haha: Hi Jamie, Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but after much deliberation, we've decided to continue on without you in the band. We appreciate your efforts over the last few weeks, but we're can't really see it working out, and this is perhaps as much to do with the fact we have been together for a few years now and would struggle with anyone new, as it is to do with you. I'm sure you'll have no problems finding a new vehicle for your bassing - there are plenty of folks looking for guys like you - so all the best. Thanks again, Jon TBSC.[/quote] So who will be replacing you? Someone [b]else[/b] new? Makes no sense.
  3. Spartacus

    Peavey gear

    [quote name='bassman2790' post='549709' date='Jul 24 2009, 07:55 AM']Does anyone here gig with Peavey gear I'm particularly interested in [list=1] Old Peavey Heads Mk IV - MkVI Peavey Nitrobass / Firebass Heads Peavey 410TX / 410TVX cabs [/list] I'd appreciate your thoughts Thanks, Mark[/quote] The TX and TVX cabs sound good with lots of low end even from a 210 but the 410s are very heavy. Dont know about the heads but used to have a 210TX combo which was sounded much louder than its 200 w and went very deep too.
  4. [quote name='bartelby' post='549696' date='Jul 24 2009, 07:00 AM']I'm a big fan of Red Sparowes. For me the second album, Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun, is much better than the first. "The Great Leap Forward Poured Down Upon Us One Day Like a Mighty Storm, Suddenly and Furiously Blinding Our Senses." and "We Stood Transfixed in Blank Devotion as Our Leader Spoke to Us, Looking Down On Our Mute Faces With a Great, Raging, and Unseeing Eye" are particularly good. They're pretty awesome live too.[/quote] id search those out if iTunes didnt throw a fit over the title!
  5. [quote name='TheButler' post='549616' date='Jul 24 2009, 12:45 AM']Are SMV planning to hit the UK?[/quote] Is that wise when you think about the 'Scots border patrols'? and the Welsh border patrols arent to be messed with either.
  6. [quote name='silddx' post='549279' date='Jul 23 2009, 06:50 PM']Thanks Spart. That's exactly what I'm doing. Although I just noticed my main patch was set to combo front, wouldn't have thought it would make that much difference though. Strange huh?[/quote] Would probbaly make a big difference as the 'combofront' setting has a lot of preshaping, bottom and top boost. Best to use the 'PwrAmp' settings and go straight into the 'Power Amp In' or 'FX Return' on the amp as itll take the behringers awful preamp out of the signal chain.
  7. [quote name='coasterbass' post='549185' date='Jul 23 2009, 05:18 PM']Does the X3 have a small twiddle knob on the back for output level like the XT ? You could try this. Also you could run directly into the amp's FX return, bypassing the preamp stage, which might get a more balanced response.[/quote] Thats the one. Set the X3 to 'StackPwrAmp' if you do that.
  8. Have you turned off speaker emulation? Or RTFM 1. Connect 1/4-inch output(s) to your amp or speaker system. 2. Set the first OUTPUTS page (1/4-inch Outputs): • Mode: Combo Front, Combo Pwramp, Stack Front, or Stack PwrAmp. • Lows, Focus, Highs: as desired • Tone 1: On • Tone 1 Pan: Center • Tone 2: On • Tone 2 Pan: Center 3. Check your Master Volume. • Select the loudest preset/settings you intend to use. • Play your instrument and turn Master Volume as high as you can without clipping the amp/speakers you’re feeding.
  9. [quote name='coully' post='549148' date='Jul 23 2009, 04:51 PM']Bass stacks and crossovers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At risk of sounding naive, I have a question about using speakers of different sizes in a stack (say 1x15 and 4x8 as an example). If in a PA you would use an active crossover to direct the sound to the most appropriate speaker (bass/mid/high to the appropriate box) why would you not do this in a bass rig?? Speakers with tweeters or HF compression drivers normally have a crossover network internally but with separate speakers the rule seems to be to drive them with exactly the same frequency range regardless. Has anyone experimented with doing this and if so, what were the benefits or drawbacks? How did you set the rig up? Are there pre-amps or amps which support this kind of approach? Thanks in advance[/quote] Yes ideally you should split any amp signal to different cabinets with different characteristics (like a 115 and 410) through a crossover to avoid diffrent speakers competing within the same frequency range. Thats what you do with PA but a lot of bass amp manufacturers just want to market the simplest good looking rig that will sell by the truckload, then the end user wonders why it doesnt sound so great even though theyve got a 115 + 410 600 watt rig behind them There are plenty of power amps, preamps and crossovers that will allow a bassist to achieve that.
  10. Guess I wasnt going to get an answer to my question about pricing for the SG?
  11. [quote name='Count Bassy' post='548076' date='Jul 22 2009, 08:01 PM']The only obvious thing I can see from a control point of view is that the East BTB 01 doesn't let you cut the bass, only boost it which, superficially would seem to be a disadvantage (obviously it's not as people rave about them)[/quote] When do you ever realy cut the bass on your bass?
  12. [quote name='stevie' post='548038' date='Jul 22 2009, 07:35 PM']Good point. With eight speakers in there, every euro they save gets multiplied by eight, which gets multiplied by 4 (or so) to arrive at the retail price. In other words, every extra tenner Warwick spends on the speakers for this cabinet puts £320 onto the rrp of the speaker. There is therefore a great incentive to go for the cheapest. I'm sure Warwick would supply a replacement but Ray clearly wants to put some decent drivers in there. I have to say that putting good drivers in your speaker cabinet makes more difference than just about any equipment upgrade you can make, although in this case the expense is multiplied by eight.[/quote] in theory that wont be too hard. He can work out the internal volume of the cab, measure the port sizes then work backwards using something like WINISD to check possible replacements and responses. A set of 8 decent neo speakers wont be cheap though, something like £500 or £600? very shoddy of warwick to use the cheapest available chinese made speakers that can barely do the job then not even be able to supply a single spare to an endorsee. Retail on those is over £1200 for a box with some barrely suffcient speakers. Inconceivable!
  13. Look at post #12. ^^^ up there. Warwicks own site lists some of the specs for the Celestion speakers used in the WCA811ND. From that its probably safe to assume its the Celestion BN10-200S from their current catalougue, so maybe worth getting one direct from a supplier or (god forbid) getting Warwick to do some work to source a replacement. Its specs look pretty dire though (2 mm Xmax???) but wouldnt surprise me if that was the speaker theyve used as the cheapest option.
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