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  1. dont have scales to hand but its 4kg i believe..
  2. Agreed, great tone from both pickups, especially with the neck pickup upgrade! Thank you
  3. *Price Drop £325* For sale/ trade here is my Cort Bass GB75 JH in Trans black Owned for about two years, played many shows and recorded with it but I'm no longer in a hardcore band, so I don't need a 5 string. Omega Bass bridge Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound J-Bass pickup in the neck Hipshot Ultralite Machine heads Swamp Ash Body 2 Band EQ, pickup selector, volume Maple neck (with a nice flame maple) Humbucker in the back ( great stingray tone) Spoke wheel truss rod adjustment (like those on musicman basses) comes with gig bag Ideally I'd like to trade it for a bass in the same price range (preferably fretless) Few nicks here and there on the body, and a few up the neck but nothing noticeable. The battery cover on the back came off unfortunately. one of the tuning pegs is slightly bent, but works perfectly still. The neck pickup is a bit temperamental due to soldering work, but its a 2 minute fix to re-solder the wire - I just don't have access to a soldering iron right now. Other than that, it's in full working order and good condition
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