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  1. No worries @KiOgon has 'sorted me right out matey' with a set of the Ibanez Prestige/Premium-a-likes...

    So the SR600 can have a cheapy make-over... set of knobs is more my price range than pickups!


  2. Yep, that... nice.

    looking at the pickup and control route, as it the body is 'all yours' how about a smaller more minimal scratch plate? like a nike swoosh, or 'comma'  rounded to take in the pup, curved and tapering down for the control and jack...

  3. I think the Jag and other 'odd bodies' offer a psych vibe and deserve something a little stricking, but i like subtle...

    How about a purpley Aubergine with black guard? If not a gun metal would be nice as long as its darkish and not looking like car primer... again black plate picking up the black blocks...

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  4. @horrorshowbass Interesting... when you say the new big singles run passive are not a lot different sounding to the reverse split coil Mk1 Barts, Is that with Barts also run passive (after the pre failed) or as you remember em when the pre was working?

    If you tried the Mk1 Barts passive - did they sound the same as with the preamp but with the BMT set centered?

    And the Blend may effect the pickups different when passive.

    OE is a AC taper, so half and half when centered... I have swapped mine for a MN taper so both full when centered.

    Don't suppose you have one of the small knobs going spare? or are you hanging on to em in case you get a replacement pre?




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  5. Bloody Hell... another one!

    Its like WW2 all over again.. over here with ya Fancy Fenders, Gum, Hershey Bars... and i'm sure some of ya are wearing nylons!😀😀😀

    Enjoy Basschat... and drive on the left!


  6. Hi Eko...

    'All Good' here on basschat... Bad days are OK too, there are whole threads dedicated to em...

    Beware the DoI (Den of Iniquity)... i wandered in there a while back, strange goings ons... was lost for days... but then again, they do go on a bit!

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  7. Hastings...

    Sunshine bus outing!...  Me, other half, youngest, eldest, eldests' mate and Diesel the Dog....

    I had Battered Sausage n Chips in the sun and breeze followed by Coffee n Donuts!

    Diesel had a paddle, a bit of my sausage and a few of my chips....

    Great to be out as a family... Thought we'd get out for a simple day before the next element of lockdown ease... when the pubs open it's gonna go mad!

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  8. After the above post on the Donnor Basement... this is now with the eldest and undergoing guitar use.

    I'm on the nice metal box of an EHX headphone amp... clean, simple and no gimmicks... or the Zoom B1 Four.

    Wireless would be great! but may end up costing more than the headphone amp or the zoom?

    And as you say lag may be an issue with playing versus just playback.

  9. Nice... Black 'n Mapel... Pearly Blocks 'n Pearl Guard.

    Those black machine heads give the mapel a bit of lift and definition. black bridge would of been tooo much, and i likes a thumb rest.

    You're gonna get some fans... Take a look at the 'Black Bass' thread and search 'black and mapel' to see the love.

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