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  1. Stewblack / Thomann (aka Harley Benton...) / Behringer to enter a Super Partner Relation.

    The focus of this Super Partner relationship is to deliver an obsessive Customer Experience.


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  2. Nice... Q? Pick Guard?

    I'd of been inclined to of painted up with a pick guard in place... maybe even with the pickup covers fitted... so it all blended in with the stripes...

    Black, Mirror...? Can't be Tort.... can it?

  3. Honestly, the Reggae doesn't get much of an airing.

    Big fan of the mighty Black Uhuru... see em back in the 80's. Ini Kamoze - with Shocking Out / Statement and a bit of Tosh. but that was a long long time ago... TDK C90 Tapes and a VW Scirrocco, Red Leb, Squidgy Black and Grass - Pre CD and Super Skunk days...

    Just found Sly n Robbie Hits 1978-1990 CD in a draw so ripped it to mp3... Taxi!

    What has just come to my ears as well as the Drum n Bass is the Trump n Trom...

    Fence cant hold, too much bull-in at the pen! - The S-P-A-C-E in the music...


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  4. 59 minutes ago, TJ1 said:

    If the drummer keeps the underlying beat and the six string guitarist sets the tune/melody, where does the bassist fit in musically?


    Moves it all along with a groove...

    It's the 'Rockin' Horse' in ya Sausage Sarnie... You can have it without, but makes a world of difference with Sauce...


  5. Nice. on that... Black plate, black screws n black knobs... I'm old n plain and simples

    or something Bright 'n LOUD... Yellow, Lime Green, Flu Orange... depending on ya demographic? Welsh Flag, Scotish Saltire or other nation (under a groove...)

    For some reason the UJ or St Georges never cuts it quite like say the Brazilian flag etc. Thinking of Car Drivers and Motorcycle racers...

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