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  1. If only this was closer than Hampshire / M4 corridor. I quite fancy one of these!
  2. Ah nice one. Yeah keep us posted 🙂 Have fun!
  3. Yeah, I'd noticed that too... on their site they say " Furthermore, its size perfectly stacks with our New York 151 cabinet allowing for new speaker configuration stack options." so I guess that is where they are going now... adding the 1x12 to the 1x15 cab... that's going to be a big sound configured like that!
  4. Did you end up getting one of these, Davey? If so, how's it going? I'm really keen to hear if they are as good as the claims. I'm a huge 1x12 fan. Thanks 🙂
  5. Hi folks, Anyone had a go with the new Markbass NYC121 D2 cab yet? I'm a big fan of single 12" cabs so really keen to hear some opinions on this new one if anyone has tried it yet. Due to the larger enclosure, would love to know how much of a difference there is as they claim it is deeper and warmer than any other 12" cab. Thanks :-)
  6. Haha I have indeed... little did I know they are only 20 mins from my office... it was clearly meant to be! 😉
  7. Went to pick up my new (to me) Cort A5 Custom SP this lunch time... literally can't wait to get home from work to put it through its paces! Very excited! 😆 Already in love with the spalted maple finish and matching headstock and from the little blast in the shop, loving its tone - plenty of warmth but lots of clarity too... roll on 5pm! 😀
  8. I would snap this up if it had the Hipshot bridge with the wider string spacing like the newer models... although by the sounds of it, you'd probably be keeping it if it did! 🙂 Stunning bass though... GLWTS
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. I have the SR870-DTF... I absolutely love it... I often get complimented on the tone. It's quite a beefy warm full tone down low but there is plenty of brightness higher up... in fact, I'm reluctant to change the strings on it even though it could probably do with a new set as I'm really digging the warmth of the tone at the moment. I generally play with 50:50 split between pups and with the mids slightly scooped and I think it sounds great! Resale value not an issue for me as I have no intention of selling it 🙂
  11. That looks sweet! Love the flat black body although I fear I'd spend my life cleaning finger prints off it if it were mine! Great looking stealth bass though and I agree re the pups... nice contrast in metal finish. Enjoy!
  12. Hi 🙂 Is this still available? If so, the surface scratches you mention, are they just the ones in image of the top horn / shoulder? Are there others?
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