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  1. i am interested with cort action junior, does the tuners and bridge upgrade improve the tone? can u post some pictures
  2. Thank you sir. Any plan on how you'll deal with the volume knob? How about changing its position by make a new pickguard with a new slightly adjusted hole location?
  3. Good day fellows, I have some question about this bass. Does anyone use flatwound on this bass? is it good? Anyone convert it into passive? thank you
  4. sorry for this dumb question, but how do you remove the knob on talman? is it just by pulling it? did you intentionally remove the knobs? while the tmb30 is really a nice bass, i find the position of the 2 volume knobs irritating ...
  5. thanks for sharing this picture, does anybody bother to relocate the position of these knobs by changing a pickguard with new knob holes?
  6. when u say u dont like the volume knob, are you referring to the layout/positioning or the knob itself?
  7. are most of the maple fretboard coated? like 90% of the time?
  8. Do you mean for easier maintenance rosewood fretboard is what you recommend?
  9. Which fretboard materials is easier to maintain? how do u maintain each of the freatboard materials thanks
  10. @Teebs wow thanks for those pics it sure looks tasty 😁 @dave_bass5 what you said right there at the last sentence was a enlightenment to me, I think I should not worry about the multi-piece neck, body-stringing, etc. thanks for your words of wisdom @chris_b thanks. For learning purpose, Does changing the bridge will make the screw holes loose its thread?
  11. Thanks to all who shared their opinions. My one last question is aren't the BB body shape a bit weird? I am new, so tone doesn't matter much to me, as long as it sound like a bass. I am more into aesthetics and durability
  12. Since I am new, the body through stringing looks to last longer since it doesnt pull the bridge, so I am on the aspect of durability rather than tone.
  13. Ignore the price, currently there's a sale for bb435 that makes both guitar at the same price. Let me highlight what I like/dislike with both guitars multi-piece neck vs carbon reinforcement rod, the multi-piece might have advantage but i think the carbon reinforcement rod is a good enough feature rather than nothing, so its a tie 6 bolt vs 4 bolt neck joint, bb435 wins this area body aesthetic, i prefer clean and simple. bb435 has a cleaner look, while sire v3 has a cluttered look (so much controls) for my taste, but bb435 has a weird round shape, sire has standard body shape which I like it more, so I am not sure which way to go electronics, i am noob, so i prefer the simple one, and I hate batteries acceptability ... while both bass are good, i think sire v3 is more popular while this doesn't necessarily mean better somehow it affects my decision its nice that both has body thru string feature Thank for your feedback
  14. thanks for those inputs, I guess there's not much need to worry about the structural side. Does the 200 series pickups considered good? Many thanks
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