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  1. Hi, We are at the Old Market Assembly in Bristol on Friday 20th Dec
  2. Only one left now I am selling a pair of Barefaced Super Compact 3rd generation cabs using the 12XN550 drive units. These cabs are superb, really clear, accurate and loud. 1 cab is plenty loud enough for most gigs, add the second cab and the sound is huge. Please check the Barefaced website for full details. These cabs are each rated at 600W into 8 Ohms and weigh 11Kg each and come with padded covers custom made by 'hotcovers'. Kept indoors and in great condition, only had light use hence why i am selling Ideally I'd like to sell both cabs together but will consider selling them individually for £450 each. Collect from Bristol or can send by insured courier if buyer pays postage.
  3. Hi everyone! I can't believe i haven't joined before ... I've been more of a passing viewer of other peoples posts and reviews so far. Anyway, I'm a keen bass player, i don't get out and play as much as I'd like these days but I've been playing for 30 odd years, played in various bands over the years ... some serious, others less so ..... and now play in a jazz funk band in Bristol called Wasabi and do a few deps for other local bands. Basses - 5 strings - Warwick fretless & Spector fretted, and a 4 string Squier precision which i fitted with Aguilar electronics Amp - Genz Benz streamliner 900 Cabs - Barefaced Super Compact (up for sale soon) Pedals - quite new to the whole pedal board thing, but have a few interesting pedals that i use on specific songs .. 3leaf audio proton filter, EHX bass mono synth, plus the more usual octaver, distortion, chorus. I hope to have a nose around, meet some people and maybe buy and sell a few things
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