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  1. explain this spectracomp thing for TC amps. I did a stupid late night purchase and have a pointless 800W of ANGRY and this phone app has a billion options under 'spectracomp' what am I looking for?

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    2. caitlin


      heh, thanks Dood. sadly i figured that out the hard way. the manual is just about useless. linux can see the usb port but can't use it obv. a mac doesn't show the amp in the app so that's rubbish. toneprint doesn't seem joyful to go through my active pups, but if i hold the phone between the strings and let it touch the pup case then i can 50% of the time send a print. got an octaver and a spectracomp in it and will probably leave it the hell alone now.

    3. MacDaddy


      I was tempted with the current price, but I'm not sure the tuner is chromatic, and only 1 toneprint can be used at a time.


    4. Obrienp


      There are some combined TonePrints in the TonePrint Bass Amps library and I guess if you use the editor you can make your own (I haven’t tried). There is a straight forward SpectraComp TonePrint that I think behaves like the pedal with one knob adjustment. TonePrint transmission  with a mobile doesn’t work that well with active basses; if you can put it in passive mode it works better, or use a passive instrument to set it up.

      I don’t use effects that much, so I haven’t tried changing them on the fly during a gig. Drive and no chorus is enough for me. Personally I don’t think it is a very practical proposition to be getting your mobile out at a gig and messing around with your bass. I barely get enough time to check my tuning between numbers.

      The tuner on my BH550 does B to C with LEDs for B to G (C is a combo of  the D & G LEDs). There are 2 green LEDs to indicate flat/sharp and in tune (both lights simultaneously). it’s OK for live situations but not as accurate as a pedal like a Peterson. It doesn’t help with alternative tunings, like one of the bands I play in tunes down half a tone to help the vocalists. We’re getting on 😏

      The current price Andertons are offering the BH550 and 800 at is really tweaking my nose, as I paid nearer list for mine a few years ago. You get a lot of amp for your money at that price and IMO it’s a good amp for the money. It has quite a warm sound with the 4 band EQ at unity, which I like and there is quite a lot of headroom, obviously more on the 800. It’s relatively compact and light, so at the current street price, it might make a good back up amp for folks with more up-market main amps. It does as a main amp for me, when I need a bit of volume.


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