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  1. That makes sense! Incidentally, with the single coil setting, does it sound remotely p like? I understand that the single coil is the one nearer the neck - just wondering what sort of sound this has. Is it far enough forward to get near to the P sound, or far enough back to do the bridge solo jazz thing?
  2. I've been craving one of these for a while. Interesting that you say it sounds like a p bass. More so than it does a stingray?
  3. I really wish I had the cash ready. This is pretty much my dream bass. Would you trade for a kidney? Sorry admin: I suppose offers of bodily organs should only be delivered by DM.
  4. Wow. So when the tone knob isn't pulled out, does it have any function? As in does it do anything in active mode?
  5. Very cool. So are the knobs volume, treble, bass and passive tone? Do you switch it to passive with a pull pot?
  6. 9lbs. Sorry, I was discussing a trade - which didn't work out - and forgot I'd said I'd do this. My bathroom scales also told me I need to start running again. 4 string please! I have a lovely Yamaha BB that satisfies my 5 string needs.
  7. Now looking for a trade with the right stingray. Or the cash. As much as I need the money, I'm not sure when I'd be in a position to justify spending as much on such a nice bass again.
  8. No, not super heavy. This model is chambered. I'm away from home this weekend, but happy to weigh as best I can on the bathroom scales when I get back.
  9. So it's TOO versatile? I actually know what you mean. Maybe why I like P basses so much now. For someone who is after a wide range of tweakable tones, it will be great. But surely the only reason to buy a house is to fill it with basses?
  10. For sale is my beloved Warwick Dolphin SN TCS 4 string (set neck, tone chamber system). I bought it in 2008 and it was my main bass until a couple of years ago. Only selling because I've gotten more traditional in my old age, and since buying a Precision, the Dolphin doesn't get enough play given its value. That, and because I'm buying a house. I'm sure it will make someone else just as happy as it has me. Specs from the Warwick website below. I have recently upgraded the just-a-nut II to a just-a-nut III - it's simply better. The hooks on the side of the II had cracked, a fault to which they are prone. Strings are new and the set up is just as I like it (fairly low). There are some slight scratches (pictured) - most notably, one on the back and one on the truss rod cover. The afzelia body has a lovely tight grain and rich reddish colour. In all, it is in good condition and a great, fast player with versatile tones that are thick, rich and focused. It can come close to a Warwick Thumb with it's twin jazz bridge pickups, but can also get a great active jazz sound if you pull out the stacked eq pot switch for a single coil setting. Ovangkol Neck - set in to body Afzelia body - sandwich construction with tone chambers Natural oil finish Wenge fingerboard 34" Scale length Nut width 1.5" 26 jumbo bronze frets MEC Jazz pickup and twin jazz pickup. MEC active electronics - stacked bass and treble. Stacked pickup blend and master volume. Both pots are pull out switches - one is active/passive, the other splits the double j for a single coil sound. I would prefer collection from York, but would be happy to arrange delivery if required. I have a hard case I can ship it in. Edit 14th November - now open to trade with the right Stingray. Ideally an Old Smoothie but would consider alternatives.
  11. We can't let ourselves think too much about what we NEED. If we all did that, there'd be nothing but P basses and 115 combos out there.
  12. It's an amazing instrument - it was my main bass for nearly a decade. In the last year it hasn't had the attention it deserves though. I'm just feeling more of a connection with my precision. I'm becoming more traditional in my old age and coming close to selling the Dolphin. I worry I'd miss it though - I have a lot of good memories.
  13. As promised: NBD! I love the bridge pick up! It's an absolute beast! Was initially overpowering the P which was completely unexpected, but after tweaking pick up height they seem nicely balanced. I'm new to 5 strings, it needed a fair bit of setting up (still does), there are some sharp fret ends above the 12th, and the strings are beautifully gunked up with some other guy's skin, but...with a bit of love, I think it could be a thing of beauty. And of course, the picture:
  14. When I went BEAD I used really light strings - I was worried about damaging the neck with a big change in tension. As others have said, light is NOT the way to go. Ended up far too floppy - although I did kind of enjoy the metallic thwak for Ryan Martine impressions. The advantage of light strings is not needing to file the nut or mess with the saddles. Maybe worth trying if you're just experimenting and plan to swap back again.
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