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  1. 45-105 or 40-100 ?


    I've always played 45-105's but I was thinking of trying 40-100's, is there that much of a distinguishable difference between the two gauges?

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    2. TKenrick


      Not at all what you asked, but 45-110 gets my vote!

    3. Sardonicus


      @TKenrick I tried a set of Rotosound BS66 Billy Sheehan signature strings back in the mid 90's after seeing him at a clinic at the The Bass Centre in Wapping, I didn't get on with the .110 E string.  I love 45-105's and I stick with them for my main basses.

    4. Ricky Rioli

      Ricky Rioli

      I once went from 45-100 to 45-105, because I felt the 80 and 100 didn’t have the same bite as the 45 and 65. The 85 and 105 made me much happier. These were Daddario XL Nickels. When I later bought the standard Swing Bass set, again I felt the unusual 80 lacked the vibrancy of the 65 and 105. That sense of vibrancy is clearly a weirdly big thing with me, because I've never once seen anyone else saying any of this stuff 😅

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