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  1. GAS - I'm tempted by a Squier Deluxe Jazz Bass IV that I've found for sale, what do you think, shall I go for it?

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    2. shoulderpet


      You think that's bad you should see my thread about my Harley Benton jb-75, the crud that was on that was disgusting

    3. Sardonicus


      @shoulderpet  I just looked at it, those strings were thick with crust 🤮

    4. shoulderpet


      I know, when I get a new bass I usually play it for a few minutes first, check how the action is and then change the strings and work on the setup but that bass as soon as I got it the first thing I did was take the strings off straightaway and clean and disinfect the bass.  The thing that really took the p!ss is that the previous owner described it an "as new" condition

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